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Date:   8/29/2021 3:05:24 AM ( 25 mon ago)
Abstract Art by LFIRE(c)2021

In my last blog I talked about having a vision of making marks on seemed very exciting.
So later I found a series of panels that were 9 inches by 12 inches,
and I put the panels together to make a large abstract collage.
The art posted above was the result.
It is called WILD ABANDON.
I got carried away with the process and ended up with several more that are called
Those results are at the bottom of this blog.

The new earth is happening!
Many of us are experiencing the "symptoms"
of the shifts in our bodies.
These shifts help our bodies to upgrade into the new dimension.
At first it is a bit "odd" as these symptoms are not regular
but do show up at odd times. Things like...sniffles...sneezes...runny noses...balance issues
...vertigo...fatigue... wanting naps;
changing SLEEP patterns (hard to sleep...broken sleep...can't fall asleep
...keep waking up, etc.)...and many others.
Many people are choosing to exit the earth at this time
and are choosing illnesses, war, fires, floods,
etc in order to leave earth.

I have been continuing to work on my Tarot with art program.
Now I am finding it more of a chore rather than something fun and exciting.
I wonder if it is because there is a distinct title and message to them?
I usually have been just going with the energy of the pictures and colors that I feel,
and am always letting it develop however I am "led".

Fire is all around us and it is frustrating in that
it seems that as soon as I find a place that seems like a good place to move to, it ends with a fire.
We got very little rain this year and everything is very dry.
I saw a map that shows the whole western part of the country in a bad drought.
It is very scary. It seems that EVERY part of the country is having issues.
Recently Haiti had a huge earthquake (7.2) and Alaska also had a series of earthquakes...(6.++).
Other areas are having no rain OR are flooded. (???)
Mother earth is going through her own shifts.

I keep having dreams that have to do with school and students learning.
I think that is very interesting.
I often see myself as a perpetual student; I'm always interested in wanting to learn.
Also I had dreams where I was riding my winged horse: In these dreams we were flying around the universe.
We could see everything there; then we went to many other universes and I was amazed
at how vast all those universes were.
Our earth seemed so tiny in the larger scheme of things.

I received an email talking about a dousing class.
Something clicked inside of me and without even thinking I enrolled in the class (EXPENSIVE).
Later I read more about the class and what it would teach:
Dowsing, not just about water, which is always good,
but also about things like the 5G energy from cell phones,
the geopathic stress lanes caused by many other man-made energy lines
and also about the entity energy of houses, places,
as well as the energy of the people there, and much more.
I remembered studying Feng Shui and Human Design;
it all seemed to mesh perfectly...I was excited!

But then I got into DOUBT!
WHY would I need this?
Who would care?
How would I be able to help people since I have not been able to drive?
Then I got a vision of a business card...

Energy Healing Dowsing / Feng Shui Human Design

WHY am I getting this???
How can I do most of that when most of the time I don't even leave the house?
The thing I know is....ART ...I Love creating art and do this all the time.
The rest of it is a puzzle.

Yet for some reason...I get excited to think about taking the new class!
Abstract Art by LFIRE(c)2021

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