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Mesotherapy is widely used all over the world for solving various types of cosmetic and non-cosmetic problems patients have.

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Mesotherapy is widely used all over the world for solving various types of cosmetic and non-cosmetic problems patients have. The unique formula of the solution used during this procedure made it a favorite of thousands of satisfied clients. However, like all techniques, mesotherapy include common side effects you should be aware of before the session. Keep reading to learn more about this topic.

What is mesotherapy treatment?

Mesotherapy is a special technique used to deal with different problems people may have without the need for surgical invasion. It includes rejuvenation, anti-aging facial wrinkles treatment, cellulite and fat reduction (instead of liposuction), hair-loss problems, improving overall skin condition, etc.

Due to the FDA-approved ingredients used in the products for mesotherapy, the results stay for a long time and improve the overall health condition of the customers. The components in the composition of the solution involve vitamins, enzymes, hormones, nutrients, plant extracts, and many others that bring lots of benefits to everyone who has chosen this cosmetic procedure. The remedy is applied to the middle layer of the skin with the help of a needle.

The type of remedy, as well as the number of procedures needed, are defined by the doctor at the pre-appointment. Usually, 8-10 injection sessions are needed in order to see the results.

What are the risks and side effects of mesotherapy?

Every dermatologist will prove that mesotherapy injections, as all cosmetic treatments, may cause several side effects. They are minimal and do not demand consultation from the specialist:

Remember that before this treatment, you should avoid anti-inflammatory medications, as well as blood-thinning ones, in order to reduce unpleasant sensations in the treated area and shorten the recovery process. For your own safety, make sure your doctor is a professional to avoid the risk of scarring and infection appearance.

What not to do after mesotherapy sessions?

If you are wondering whether there are some ways to make the recovery process after the mesotherapy procedure shorter, we are happy to tell you that yes, there are. Follow these pieces of advice to eliminate the possibility of all troubles related to the treatment:

Avoid these harmful actions, and all the pain and unpleasant symptoms caused by the mesotherapy injections will go away very soon.

Final word

As you can see, it is possible to achieve desired looks and deal with several problems without the help of plastic surgeons. Mesotherapy is a perfect procedure for that. And, as soon as you are aware of all the risks and methods to make a recovery process easier, it doesn't seem so scary anymore. Good luck!


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