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Still having difficulties, but making art daily!

Date:   3/30/2021 2:43:54 AM ( 25 mon ago)

Collage by LFIRE(c)2021

Collage by LFIRE(c)2021

I'm still having a difficult time
with speech, writing, thinking and memory,
but I'd rather talk about more interesting things.
I've been doing a lot of collage art
although I've been wanting to do a bunch of assemblages
but my son has not been feeling well
and has not gotten the art panels that I work with.
Feeling frustrated.
After looking at various artists on You Tube
I ended up with about four pages of sketches of ideas that I got.

I recently took a class (ZOOM) that was about
ancient Egypt; it was very informative,
and talked about the time period of twelve thousand years ago
and even earlier.
At that time there was a god called RA;
I had heard about that god before.
Amid chaos EVERYWHERE, Ra created everything.
Out of ITSelf other gods were created, including
Night (Nut), and originally12 other gods that were
in charge of different things.
Ra was shown as a scarab, a man, or a snake.
As a snake Ra is shown wrapped around the world tree.
It is very interesting that later on there is the story of
the snake wrapped around that same tree, tempting
Eve in the garden of Eden.

What happened to RA?

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