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"The formation of a more perfect physical and psychic body" that begins very early on for each and every child needs to be considered by every adult.

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June 2, 2022 -

Nourishing our children's souls with the spiritual life.[6]*

July 29, 2020 -

"...When children are young and they get sick with a fever, they grow. If you measure them two days later, they have grown.
You can look at the sickness and say, 'Oh, my goodness. Here is a failure. The child is not well. I did not look after it
properly.' The fact is that that illness is an advantage because the illness itself is part of the growth process."[5]

July 19, 2020 - Preparing for A Better World Through Embodied Parenting -

From a dialogue between Richard Rudd and Kim Gould -
Richard: (As of: 06:10)
"... when we build this new world ...
then we need to do it through the eyes of the incarnating child
... as they're coming in and therefore the mother as well.
... what kind of world does that child want to come into?
... that's why being a parent is of such importance.
And there haven't been so many ... embodied spiritual teachers
teaching from right within the home."[4]

May 8, 2020 - Consistent and Immediate Access to: "Farm-Fresh Foods" is Probably The Most Important Aspect of the Cheeta Environment -

"Farm-Fresh Foods" include: "Raw Milk Consumption and Its Improved Health Correlations!"[3]*

March 15, 2020 - Bright Blessings on "The Ides of March"! -

"Disease prevention should actually be the ultimate goal of our medical system. Prevention begins in childhood.
One of my goals is to promote health for a subject in schools. Only through a playful health education that is fun can subsequent generations become healthier. The concepts for this can be easily developed, they are inexpensive and sustainable.

One could continue the idea of ​​prevention in the development of 'healthy communities' - also there are already enough creative ideas and experiences.

I am convinced that nature provides all remedies.

I recommend every yogi to learn and also membership in the regional Kneipp Association - hardly a naturopathic teaching offers more for our society practically applicable prevention.

Our association sources of life e.V. plans to offer seminars on the topics of coherence medicine, prevention and health education. Please refer to"[2]


The good doctor (whom this Blog-writer is quoting immediately above here) certainly speaks the language of this Cheeta visionary! Her statement to "continue the idea of ​​prevention in the development of 'healthy communities'" is possibly the most succinct representation of Cheeta to date!

February 13, 2020 - Dedicated to Heaven -

"Human beings must begin to put their energies at the service of heaven when they are still very young. In this way, they prepare good conditions for later on in life, because when these energies are dedicated to heaven, they attract particles of an extremely subtle matter, thus contributing to the formation of a more perfect physical and psychic body. ..."[1]


Another variant on the acronym of Cheeta can begin with "Children's Healing Environments ..."

If an environment is safe, healthy, nourishing for children then it follows that these benefits will extend to all others. However if the environment does not regard the total well-being of the child then it is not good for anyone. Therefore "the formation of a more perfect physical and psychic body" that begins very early on for each and every child needs to be considered by every adult. The Cheeta vision embraces this consideration as its overarching imperative!






[5] Human Design Gate 42, Line 3 "Trial and Error" in "Line Companion" By: Ra Uru Hu.



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