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Vetting Questions for Residents

Date:   10/3/2019 2:39:02 PM ( 3 y ago)


Basic house ceanliness
First and last month rent
Utilities expenses
Trial period


Why are you looking to move?

What are you looking for in a living situation?

What unique value can you bring to a community household?

How many hours do you currently work?

What is your savings position?

How much stuff do you have?

Would you be willing and able to make a 6-month commitment to living here?

Three month trial

Are you looking for a place to live for just yourself, or will you be cohabitating with a significant other, dependent, or someone else?

Do you have pets?

Are you willing to participate in house meetings, household meal
nights, and other community events?

Describe your personal spiritual viewpoint and practices.

Describe your commitment to personal growth.

Willingness to work things out.

Experience in cooperative living

Describe your commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Describe your commitment to leading an ecologically conscious

Do you have skills and experience in gardening (especially
permaculture), cooking, and construction? If so, please describe.

Are you willing to not just coexist but cooperate as part of a team?

Cooperative living skills.

Have you lived in a community setting before?

Can you supply references?
Please list references.

Describe your overall lifestyle, where you are in your life right now,
and where you are going.


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