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Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a common pathology that occurs among men in old age. 50% of patients aged 65 years are diagnosed with adenoma and every year the risk of developing urological disease increases.

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Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a common pathology that occurs among men in old age. 50% of patients aged 65 years are diagnosed with adenoma and every year the risk of developing urological disease increases. The main reasons for this are:

Symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia

The main symptom of the disease — troubles in urination. In the first stages, a man feels the frequent urge to empty his bladder, and otherwise he does not experience any health problems. 

The growth of prostate tissue is an inevitable process that happens without treatment, so the disease progresses rapidly. Urine becomes cloudy and drops out, whereas the walls of the bladder stretch due to incomplete emptying.

An enlarged prostate squeezes the urethra tightly, which is already a serious health hazard. The condition can also lead to the development of secondary diseases, such as pyelonephritis, nephritis, urolithiasis, cystitis and other urological pathologies.

Features of benign prostatic hyperplasia

According to the tumor growth, adenomas can be divided into several types:  

According to the morphological structure, doctors distinguish fibrous, glandular, myomatous and combined adenomas.

Types of hyperplasia treatment  

Benign prostatic hyperplasia can be treated mainly using radical techniques, although at the early stages of the disease, the growth of the prostate can be also blocked with drug therapy (prescribed alpha-blockers). Emergency surgery should be done in cases where the tumor cells grow into the urethra.

The surgical technique for bph treatment is the most effective way to solve the problem radically. The method of surgical intervention should be selected taking into account the stage of pathology, the size and shape of the prostate, health, age and some other factors.

Radical medical techniques used in urology include:

Given all the listed techniques, laser surgery is the most progressive method, since the risk of recurrence of the disease is minimal. The doctors use lasers with different wavelengths. Depending on the nature of the laser effect and the method of irradiation, the procedure will result in resection (total or partial removal), coagulation (cauterization), vaporization (evaporation) of tissues.

A PVP device (called a green-light laser) ensures rapid evaporation of overgrown prostate tissue, which leads to an instant relief, restoration of the normal functioning of the organs of the genitourinary system. 

The HoLVP procedure (holmium laser) is prescribed to men with medium and large prostates, including those with an increased median proportion. The device is also used to treat bladder diseases. The advantage over PVP technology is the reduced risk of bleeding and the extended field of practical use.

Laser enucleation of BPH, or HoLEP procedure, is the most effective method for the treatment of pathology. The obvious advantages are the minimal number of relapses and any complications.

Bipolar tissue evaporation (BiVAP) and saline vaporization (TUVP) are prescribed in cases when it is necessary to remove a small tumor. For patients with severe hyperplasia, such operations are not a good option.

The cost of treating BPH abroad

Surgery to treat urological male pathologies is usually carried out in all developed countries of Europe, Israel, and the USA. The most reputable are the medical institutions of Germany where patients from all over the world come.

The average cost of surgery to remove a benign prostate tumor in Germany is 6 thousand euros. This price does not include diagnostics, preparation for surgery and services for the implementation of postoperative care. Full anticipated cost will be within 9 thousand euros.

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