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White noise machines are now the rave of the moment as they are often used by both adults and children to induce sleep.

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Irrespective of the age or physical status, everybody needs a good sleep in the night to stay healthy, feel rejuvenated for optimal productivity, and ready to face the next day in a great mental condition. However, things may not be as smooth as we want them to be; thus, we may experience sleep deprivation, insomnia, and other sleep-related problems. Regardless of the comfortable pillows we buy, the number of exercises we do, healthy diets we take, and how well we take care of ourselves, we can never achieve optimal health without having adequate sleep. In regard to this, white noise machines are now the rave of the moment as they are often used by both adults and children to induce sleep.
Lots of people see a white noise machine as the perfect solution to sleep problems while others have reservations about their safety. So, are white noise machines good or evil? Is there any harm in using a white noise machine? All these questions will be answered in this post.
What Is A White Noise Machine?
A white noise machine is a device that uses white noise to induce sleep and improve concentration. White noise itself is a practical mixture of different noise frequencies that can be easily recognized by the ears. The goal of a white noise machine is to take your attention away from the annoying background noise that is distracting you from enjoying sleep. The white noise comes in different forms including the sound of nature that you can recognize loudly and clearly.
So, are white noise machines good or evil?
In simple and clear words, white noise machines are not evil; they are undoubtedly good as they are capable of promoting sounder sleep and helping you concentrate at work which may lead to more productivity. By masking the background noise, a white noise machine helps you improve your sleep habits; therefore, they are beneficial to you. If you are living in a noisy neighborhood or sharing home with noise friends or family members, a white noise machine can be a lifesaving device for you.
However, it is worthwhile to note that using the machine at a high level of decibel can make it to be harmful to people, especially toddlers. For instance, using a white noise machine at 90 decibels or more for an extended period, such as 10 hours or more, can make it to have a negative impact on your health, particularly the auditory system.
Another possible challenge with using a white noise machine is the risk of addiction. Like most other items, it is possible for an individual to be addicted to using a white noise machine and, resultantly, be unable to sleep when the machine is not available. This happens when the brain becomes accustomed to it for inducing sleep. However, if you can regulate your use of the machine, you may never experience this problem.
Nevertheless, white noise machines cannot be termed as evil devices. Factually, they offer more benefits that will likely improve your overall health.
What Are The Benefits Of White Noise Machines?
For sounder sleep - White noise machines reduce the possibility of waking up too easily when you are sleeping. The machine makes your sleep to be sounder and deeper; hence, any noise going on around your surrounding will not disturb or wake you up. So, if you often wake up from your sleep as a result of startling noise going on in the background, you should consider getting a white noise machine.
For soothing sleep - Whether you need a nap or long hours of night sleep, the goal of sleeping is to soothe your body and make you feel well rested. White noise machines produce calming sounds that help you regulate the REM and Non-REM stages of sleep. This will enhance the REM sleep cycles; thus, rapid transitions between different stages of your sleep are well controlled. With this, you will wake up well rested and rejuvenated to get the most out of your day.
For steadier sleep - Proper and enjoyable sleep is not just about the duration you spend without waking up, it also has a lot to do with the restfulness experienced and the steadiness of the sleep. White noise machines can help you block distractions from getting into your brain; thereby, offering restfulness and steadiness that can suppress nightmares.
Though a white noise machine has its shortcomings, its benefits far outweigh the challenges. Therefore, white noise machines are good and recommended for anyone looking to get steadier, longer, sounder, and more enjoyable sleep.


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