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For many of us, changing our diet is not an easy thing to do.

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As Margaret Mead once said, “It is easier to change a man’s religion than to change his diet.” For many of us, changing our diet is not an easy thing to do. According to a research made in 2012, it showed that over 50 percent of Americans felt that filing their taxes is easier than trying to eat healthier. From unsustainable diets to unrealistic fitness goals, there are multiple factors that contribute to making healthy eating more complicated than it really is.

Read on to learn a few ways on how to start a new nutrition diet.


Pick Whole Foods Instead of Processed

It’s time to ditch the instant ramen and frozen pizza and swap them with whole foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables and grains. These healthy foods are loaded with important nutrients like healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber. Processed food, on the other hand, is full of preservatives and empty calories. Furthermore, consider adding a side of vegetables or fruit with your lunch and dinner.


Lay Off the Sugary Drinks

Research from the Beverage Marketing Corporation has shown that the average American drinks about 45 gallons of soda every year. Constantly consuming beverages that are packed with sugar can cause numerous health problems.


These health problems include:

Instead of resorting to soda or pre-packaged juice, try out an unsweetened beverage or infused water to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Have Healthy Foods At the Ready

It’s no secret that when someone is hungry, they will eat the first edible thing in sight. Try to keep healthy foods in easily accessible locations in your home and even your place of employment. For example, put a few pieces of fruit in a basket on the counter and store any healthy snacks at eye level in the pantry. For work, consider storing snacks like nuts or dried berries in a jar and place it either on top of your desk or in the top drawer.


Consume More Fish

This may seem like an odd one, but fish is actually very healthy. In fact, fish is even recommended by the American Heart Association. Fish like mackerel and salmon are packed with omega-3 fatty acids which helps improve cardiovascular and brain health and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s, dementia and diabetes. It’s also recommended that you consume fish at least twice a week.


Add Probiotic Foods to Your Diet

Consuming probiotic foods are known to help improve the healthy bacteria in the gut, which is what is responsible for digestion, extraction of the nutrients and building up the immune system.

Some probiotic foods include:

In addition to these foods, consider trying out products from Le-Vel Thrive. They have a wide selection of vitamins, foods that are rich in nutrients and even shake packs that are high in protein.

Again, people tend to make changing their diet more complex than it is. Changing your diet doesn’t mean changing your way of life. It’s to ensure you have a healthy life. There’s no need for hardcore diet plans or wasting money every month for a gym membership.

All it takes is substituting some of the foods you eat with healthier choices. Following these tips can help you eat well without having to worry about health risks. If you wish to know more, research for more tips on how to start a new nutrition diet.



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