Basal Cell Cancer - Biopsy positive by Karlin .....

I have skin cancer, just got the biopsy news today. Dec. 21 2018

Date:   12/22/2018 6:55:31 AM ( 4 y ago)

A spot on my face beside my nose, a stubborn sore spot turned out to be skin cancer - lucky for me, this is the easiest cancer to deal with. I might get a macho guy scar out of it - do the ladies still like that? Oh well, I have been good looking for long enough, lol.

 But it is starting to act weird - almost aggressive white blood cell serum covers the area over - but then I apply a topical treatment such as Tea Tree Oil and it starts to peel off. It can form a hard layer in just a few hours.

   So is that a bad thing to take the covering of serum off of it like I do, to try to kill the cancer?

  The body seems protective of the cancer, ironically. Thats just a feeling I get when I stare at it.

  I think I am going to let the Dr. cut it out - I have about 10 days before that happens. I have been doiing Tea Tree Oil a few times a day, cleaning it with H2O2 twice a day, and using IODINE on a bandade [spot] in between. Die you f**ker!!

   Does anyone have advice for me?  WHAM 1000 MESSAGES!!! - would be better than nothing.... Anyone have experience with skin cancer?


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