One point about opiates by Karlin .....

Opiates are for life. Deal with it!!

Date:   11/18/2018 10:44:38 PM ( 4 y ago)

From my own experience, I think where we go wrong with opiates is that when someone has come to the point where they need to start opiates they should be told that they will be on it for the rest of their life.

I base this on the fact that, to my surprise, after taking prescribed morphine for 25 years now, I have seen no damage done to my body or brain.

The only problem I had with this drug is the three times I ran out. It sounds like a Cheech and Chong joke, but its true.

ADDICTIVE drugs. Don't stop taking them.

Further to this idea is that only older people should be started on the drug. I am glad I waited until I was 40 before I started, because it does rule your life, but the pain relief is worth it for me.

Finally, the fact is that most people who start opiates will take them until they die a natural death. Some will overdose on street drugs if their prescribed morphine is taken away.

And fewer people might start if they are told they will take it for the rest of their lives


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