Fibromyalgia and Flu by Karlin .....

Flu causing severe pains for Fibros?

Date:   10/15/2018 10:20:50 PM ( 4 y ago)

As I was saying in the previous blog entry, research into the causes of Fibromyalgia should have had some answers by now.

I rarely get the Flu anymore, but my neighbor got the annual flu shot [I warned her!!] and the next day she had diarrhea, and I had flu symptoms.

Some of the most severe pains I have known returned now, and it has to have a connection to the flu, if thats what is ailing me

These pains I refer to are eurological pains - the nerves themselves are producing pain signals when there is no call for it.

So did the US army make a bio-weapon that uses a virus to cause Fibro, possibly on in certain types of people?

OR what? Mo mention of a flu producing calf cramps. or is there? Talk to me, please.


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