The HELP LINE is Putting Lives in Danger by Karlin .....

Trying to kill off those who are suffering

Date:   8/24/2017 5:21:49 AM ( 5 y ago)

I had the experience recently where I had begun to consider suicide. Everything I did to help myself seemed to result in making things worse, and Trigeminal Neuralgia pains were relentless and extreme. A better term than suicide would be "self-euthenasia" - my life really had become unbearable and there was no reason to believe things would get any better.

 So I called the Crisis Line. This is in British Columbia, Canada, by the way.

   The person on the other end of the phone asked me how I would do it if I decided to commit suicide. I think this is what they call the "ideation phase", but I am no expert - suicide is repulsive to me and I hate to think what my suicide would cause my family and friends to go through. Still, I could not see any other way out of my nightmare.

   The phone call ended, and 40 minutes later the POLICE show up at my door!! The officer says I can either go with him in handcuffs, or let the ambulance take me. He explained that the Mental Health Act had changed when I protested that "I simply made a PHONE CALL". He was talking in terms of "apprehend me under the Mental healkth Act". The nightmare becomes all too real now.

   The nearest hospital is 50 kilometers away. I told the officer and the ambulance people that I would end up STRANDED there in the morning when I was discharged. They said it would be worth it for the help I would get. I protested. They threatened to handcuff me.

    I got into the ambulance. I was taken to a hospital and asked a few basic questions, put in a corner, and left there all night. I am prescribed MORPHINE and I was going into withdrawals by midnight.

    In the morning, a Doctor came and said Whats Up - I said it was a cry for help, and he said okay I can go.

    I scurried out of there in a panic. I began to walk towards the highway, biut it is 6 or 8 kilometers to where I could hitch-hike. I was seriously into morphine withdrawals by then, and my legs were hurting and would barely hold me up. I finally got a few short rides and at the highway home I tried to get a ride for two hours.

 Exhausted, I layed down on the boulevard, but the parched grass was very uncomfortable, and I was afraid of being arrested or whatever. I struggled to my feet, trying to look normal.

    It took me SIX HOURS to get home.

    I suffered leg cramps and so on for a WEEK after that.

    I conclude that the message is DO NOT EVER ASK FOR HELP IN BRITISH COLUMBIA. - and I wont.

   I also have to wonder if they were trying to push me to suicide, because I certainly began to consider it more than ever in that week afterwards.

    In fact, this experience is like the OVERDOSE CRISIS here - the College of Phys and Surgeons demanded that doctors cut back on morphine prescriptions, and the overdose rate WENT UP AND UP. Then, the College announced FURTHER REDUCTIONS in morphine prescriptions. Patients were supplementing their meagre prescriptions with FENTYNAL, and FENTYNAL is what is causing the increase in overdose deaths.

  They ARE trying to kill us. This could be labelled a GENOCIDE of the down and out crowd.





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