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Date:   8/15/2017 1:58:40 PM ( 5 y ago)

   Preamble - I am no expert at psychology or whatever, but recent relationships have shown me something I want to communicate. I hope this rings a bell for you!!

     There are those people who have a strong EGO,  they see themselves as being good at whatever they do and probably BETTER than the average person in general.

    Then there are people who lack confidence and see themselves as "not likely to get it right the first time"; they look at other people as "better thans".

   But there is a balance in these two types - as we age and as the world changes around us, the strong ego types resist making the necessary changes in themselves. The longer they resist, the wider the chasm grows. They require a major catastrophe, or a complete breakdown, before they give in to change.  
   The weak personality types flow easily from place to place, change is not something that bothers them because they did not place a lot of value in who they were and are therefore motivated for change.

     The weak one's confidence grows, the strong ones are left flailing in the winds of change.

   Where RELATIONSHIPS are concerned, strong personality types might attract an admiring crowd of friends, and their spouses were impressed with the carreer success and ability to provide for a family.

   The weak ones remain single longer, but as time passes they recognise the true value of friendship and love - that makes them a much more valued partner, and they have stronger and more rewarding  relationships.

    The Big Ego types might see their partners as "lucky to be with ME", which creates a distance between them and their partners in friendship or in love. They have less respect for other people in  general, and they don't see the true value of relationships.  It becomes a fact that their relationships have little value, it is true because they made it that way.

    Some people only have friends because it adds to their status. Those friends tend to drift away, and by middle age we observe the successful Egoist as "ya they have money and a nice car and a house buit they don't have any friends".


   Some of the self-centered ones are more obviously PARASITES. The idea of "Energy Vampires" is becoming understood now more than before.

   Have you noticed how some people are immediately insulting to others? First impressions, to them, are a way of finding their next victim!!  When they meet new people, most of the new people will run away but there are some people who try to be understanding...  

   Of  those people they meet  who exhibit empathy, those people who get along with everybody, are not necessarily being fooled by the parasitical jerks, they know that rude angry people can be forgiven and understood "when we try to discover WHY they are the way they are".

   The parasites are less likely to see themselves in a realistic light than other people see them. Strong Ego types do not want to know about their own faults. They are plenty busy finding fault with others.

   When blame for a mistake can be equally proportioned between two people, there are three reactions 1] they each blame themselves and apologise to each other; 2] they each blame the other and squabble about it and the issue poisons the air between them for far too long ; and 3] one blames the other, and the other remains quiet because they know it is inappropriate but also futile to try to rectify the situation.

    In that situation, the self-centered parasite with the big ego is easily identified.

     Lost and alone, lonely and up against a brick wall - even then, the parasite will still refuse to change their view of themselves, nor will they change the way they interact with others. Addictions, anger, and apathy might become factors, and eventually will begin to break the parasite down.

    They have to hit rock bottom, and be in total chaos and crisis, before change is possible for them.

    The weak ones might suffer with addictions and anger and apathy also, but when change is needed, it will be easier for them to do so.

    In all things there is either BALANCE,  or moving away from being in balance, or moving towards being in balance. To see things in this way, and to recognise one's trajectory in the balance equation, can be helpfull to us in finding our way to a more rewarding life.



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