The last group to be discriminated against will be... by Karlin .....

Discrimination and racism are all about assuming someone has whatever traits just because they are "of a group"

Date:   7/31/2017 1:10:39 AM ( 5 y ago)

    What group of people will be the LAST to be discriminated against? I think I have that answer....

   We have made a lot of progress in reducing racism and gender bias and discrimination based on sexual orientation, etc. etc in recent decades. There is still lots of it about, but awareness is growing.

    Most people seem to understand that it is WRONG to assume that every Asian is the same, or that all colored people are "good at sports but not academics", or that all Jews are Zionist, or to think that all N. A. Aboriginals are experts at fishing with spears and hunting with a bow.

   Assigning traits to "anyone who looks like you" is a mistake, it is wrong, it offends.

   Okay, so basically WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS and it is important to assume NO TRAITS until you get to know someone. Anything less is racist, discrimination, etc.

    So WHO WILL BE LAST to be treated fairly? Drum roll please....hint - I am one....  and the loser is Injection Drug users. We are not all "down and out", we are not all homeless, we are not all the same. Until you get to know me personally, you will be wrong if you think I have Hepatitis.I do not. Not AIDs either.

   Many I.V. drug users hold full time jobs. You would not know we are I.V drug users until we told you.

    Yes, some of us are truly head cases, as are some police people, or doctors, etc.,

   Please do not assign traits to anyone based on appearances or even addictions.


PS - if you want to argue this, please do - open and honest discussion is the only way we will make progress in understanding each other. Post a comment and I will put them in another Blog Entry.




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