The Stillness of Terra Madre Gardens captured me by YourEnchantedGardener .....

The Stillness of Terra Madre Gardens captured me.

Date:   5/29/2017 7:53:08 AM ( 5 y ago)

Goddess Fest preparation
May 29, 2917

The Stillness of Terra Madre Gardens captured me

Spent time at Terra Madre Gardens Sunday late afternoon till Sunset, May 28, 2917.

My presence has been drawn to participate in the Goddess Fest that begins June 2, because it will be held on land where my ceremonial and spiritual work is grounded.

There is a stand of Ancient wheat on the land, two large rows. We planted it with intention and I would like to begin a bit of the harvest and shucking of the wheat at my class and likely at other times at the Goddess Fest, if that is in the flow.

Jessica Sanchez, a caretaker of the land and a caretaker of its spiritual intent, spent time with me close to Sunset as I came to shake out some insecurities in my own head and refind my spiritual ground on this familiar landscape to my soul for more than a decade.

I got a chance to see the large white bird that seems to be living here now.
I visited with my favorite patch of chocolate scented peppermint,
I teach that you can shift your whole world in 15 seconds breathing in the fragrance.

I slowed down and shifted my reality as I spent time here. It was important to take a nap.

There is s magnificent stand of blooming sage on the road out. I stopped right in the middle of the road to write about it. I was stunned down to zero miles per hour. Some residents wondered what I was doing there, stop being like that in the middle of the potential traffic.

I noticed a pomegranate flowering. That tree is part of the legend of Goddess Demeter, the Goddess of Agriculture. I was also looking for corn and it found me on that spot.

I want to point out to all visitors to this land in the next seven days that there is a power here that comes in the silence and through being in caring communion with the plants and being barefoot here. I like to walk around with a reacher so I can pick up little bits and pieces of alien trash.

It is good that the Goddess Fest begins on Friday. Visitors will benefit from spending time alone communing with this most amazing land where nature, with the help of its caretakers, is taking a stand, as significantly as this stand of primordial ancient wheat.

It is in slowing down that the magic of this place reveals itself, it is a magic quite distant from the microphone.

As I was leaving it was dark Sunday. I could see the speeding traffic and lights of the vehicles going so fast at 60 miles per hour or more.

It was terrifying as I looked out into the traffic after being with the plants and the nature ambiance.

I finally sped up and was able to join the mechanical movement.

I did it and it was shocking.
Gratefully, with Grace, I will return again to the stillness.

Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog

Memorial day
May 29, 2017


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