We Have an Infinite Capacity for Love! by Chef JeM .....

"Humans have an infinite capacity for love throughout their entire lives. ... It is our unlimited ability to love that saves us and brings us back to life when we’ve suffered a severe loss."[1]

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February 16, 2020 - Love - that "Still Has To Be Purified" -

"... God himself is concealed within every kind of love, but that love still has to be purified, educated, strengthened and liberated before the Godhead can appear. ..."[3]


After initially reading the whole "Thought of the day" (from which the above quote originates from) this Blog-writer deleted the email message with some (minor but apparent) "dis-ing" for other parts of the message. The very next moment after doing that he realized that there was an element that he finds "worthy" of his acknowledgment, appreciation and an "extension"! The "element" is "to be purified"! In realizing this he was sparked to research and recover the original message[3] and comment:

This writer is a witness to the necessity for purifying the impulse of love and inspired with certain knowledge that this purification can be had by virtually anyone who has the ability to communicate with another individual. That is because there are communication dyads that can be shared between two individuals who will focus on the truth of love. One of the most simple dyad instructions that two individuals can engage for this process is: "Tell me what love is." There have been a number of full day long and (I believe) three0day intensives devoted to the truth of love. Having participated in several Enlightenment Intensives with a similar schedule of day long dyads this writer can testify that there is a natural, organic purification process that occurs in the psyche of the individuals who engage themselves in this way. He further believes that any time that people can give their attention to this will be beneficial.

"May Day", 2015 -

Of al the techniques, tools, and ideas for supporting resolution from a shock conflict the ability to love (starting with loving ourselves) is above all!

It doesn't mean we don't use a technique, tool, idea etc. I still would encourage some form of communication even if it is not an actual "Dyad" as I often advocate. In case Dyads are welcomed one Dyad under this subject could be: "Tell me what love is." Another is: "Tell me your way of loving." And finally: "Tell me how you want to be loved."

June 13, 2018 -

"... when you get in touch with your heart, you get in tune with it, then all of your relationships, all of your dilemmas are resolved. You cannot be tarnished by anyone or anything external because there is no external. It’s all you. It’s all manifestations of you." - "The 12th Way, the Siddhi of Purity" - Gene Keys - By: Richard Rudd.[2]


[1] https://anticorruptionsociety.com/in-defense-of-humans/

[2] http://r.mailout.genekeys.com/1q3o4f2wcwff.html

[3] https://www.prosveta-usa.com/thought-for-the-day


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