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The manifestation of physical changes and their impact on the human digestive system.

Date:   1/20/2017 8:47:30 AM ( 5 y ago)

Since starting the Evolving Nutritional Awareness I've discovered affinity with the perspective on diet and nutrition from a Human Design System perspective as well as from the Gene Keys perspective. The Human Design System and Gene Keys inform us that we are in the midst of a genetic mutation that will culminate in 2017. The mutation is taking place in the Solar Plexus Center at Gene Key 55. The following is from the 55th Gene Key presentation by Richard Rudd:


As the human bodyís need for salt decreases our digestive system will begin to mutate. This is after all a solar plexus mutation. The body will not only stop craving salty foods, but will actually reject them outright. This means that gradually humans will stop eating meat, and we will certainly not be able to tolerate the high salt intake provided by modern processed food. As our children inherit the mutation through their DNA, they may well be born will a physiological allergy to salty food and meat. All these changes are the result of the mutation and will come in their own time. During the current transition period human beings actually require even more salt than usual in order for the toxicity of the past to be collectively purified. This is the hidden reason behind the current worldwide revolution in processed food. Nature knows exactly what she is doing, and we should take heart from this.

Digestion is rooted in the mineral realm ó in the way in which the body uses and dissolves trace elements from food and water. In the future, in a totally new way, we will become highly efficient at drawing and combining the elements from food. The mechanical means for this will be through our moods. In other words, our bodies will tell us exactly what we need to eat and when through the medium of our mood. One of the most likely effects of the mutation will be that we will simply not feel hungry as often as we do now, with the result that we eat far less. Added to this, our bodies will begin to find other means of absorbing higher frequency food through air and sunlight.


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