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Warriors love you, their purpose in life is to protect others.

Date:   11/24/2016 9:46:53 PM ( 6 y ago)

We are Warriors in a World of Others

When someone takes up a challenge to right a wrong, to be a whistleblower, or to help others see through "that which is not true" in the propagandist mainstream news - those people are WARRIORS. We might call them "activists" today.

A Warrior is not necessarily violent, and in fact there is no room for violence in the kind of battles we do today... and we would lose against the weaponry available to law enforcement. Personally, I believe that in today's world if violence is used to make change, the new way will be condemned to violence. Violence doesn't work anymore, we have other tools.

Being a Warrior is not a happy life; we may seek physical comforts but only because we were wounded physically, but you will rarely see a Warrior imbibing for the joy of a chemical high, or drinking as a way to feel good, not even at a party. Nope, it is all about quelling the rage, easing the pain, or zoning out. We never signed up for Joy.

Among the homeless ["the sidewalk keepers"] there are as many "down-and-out" warriors as there are traumatized/abused people, but the warriors are not traumatized no matter what they have been through - their training used to prepare them to avoid that, and it might have been encoded in our genes now because it seems to me that Warriors are not traumatized, it is something else.

My blue eyes that used to sparkle are now nearly colorless and dull. Others have told me that they could actually feel the life force if they looked into our eyes. It filled them with energy, they loved to have one of us around. I am nearly lifeless now.

But you don't want to have more than one Warrior along on a good time. We are unsure of our own type anymore, and only Warriors pose a threat to Warriors and so we are very uneasy around other Warriors. We do not give up our secrets easily, and so it is difficult to know what side of which battle other Warriors are fighting for.

It is also a hopeless and thankless task to be a Warrior in this modern world - our battles used to be against other warriors and wild animals, our purpose was to help our village, to keep our women and children safe, and to give them courage to quell their fears in dangerous times by knowing we are here.

We had been respected, before the technology. We are needed more than ever, because we have lost nearly every battle we have fought in the past 100 years and our villages are being attacked from within, like a cancer.

We lose all the time now because our battles are political and we have inadequate weapons to do battle with. Some of us went to school to learn how things work, but MONEY is the only weapon that matters now, and the only way to get money is to JOIN THEM.

Obviously we have a difficult task ahead. We do not believe we will win. We DO believe all of the human race, including our worst enemies, they will ALL suffer if we lose... so now we are fighting to save our ENEMIES as well as the ones we love, and that is confusing to some Warriors and throws them off track.

These are very difficult times to be a Warrior. Many of us are in prison, and in the USA I would guess that at least HALF the true-born warriors are in jail.

If you are a warrior you will know it by the way you instinctively react to situations. My son Mark knows because he used to throw the bullies down at school. My son Grant has written his manifestos, he has worked hard to develop a world view based in reality, and he comes up with ideas to save us from Climate change, etc. etc. - it is obvious they are Warriors.

I didn't want that for my sons. I never talked to them about it because "it is what it is" - they are either Warriors or they are not. It would not have worked if I had tried to steer them away from being Warriors, it is what it is.

We are Batman, Superman, whatever dude - "when we see trouble, we go to help";
We are the ones they call "climate alarmists", because we are not so afraid of the truth that we have to resort to name calling.

We are NOT AFRAID because we have dreamed many times of dying a hero in battle, it is our greatest desire, even more than winning and surviving a battle. The reason it does not backfire - where we do something to make sure we die in battle so as to embrace that desire - is that the Will to Live is instinctual and "dying a battle hero" is merely desire.

This way we fight without fear, no hesitation. We do not dismiss wisdom just because we are warriors. We protect the wise ones, the shaman, the child-bearers and the children.

We ARE AFRAID of one thing - believing something that is not true. If we got it wrong and fought to the death of others and ourselves, it would be a travesty and it would shame other warriors. We need to be very sure of what we see.

We would ask a lot of questions if we were around people more, but we are often alone. Bachelors. Single people. We would make the best kind of partner, but we often end up pushing our lovers away.

Like Pee-Wee Herman said "You better stay away Missy, I'm a REBEL". We protect our people, we don't want to hurt them, so we don't get close to them, especially if we are wounded physically or if we are suffering mental anguish due to our lost place in the world.

Many of us feel totally un-grounded, we so move around a lot, here or there with no reason other than "it is not here" and we don't seem to fit in here.... maybe there?

Warriors are on the outside of mainstream society because we are at odds with the ruling elites and the government and often their laws and the police. We are anonymous or unseen.
As for our own, we make a special effort to avoid other Warriors, as described above.
We don't let our own people get close to us Warriors.

I am all those - I disagree with everything every professional has ever said to me. Doctors, Lawyers, even the bread and candlestick makers. I want the oil and gas industry to stop. I no longer believe that money is needed. I am an atheist. I have fourteen friends and family and I hardly ever want to talk to them.... "leave me alone to my misery" - and all others in this world just add to my misery.

Why would a Warrior want to have friends? Our purpose is to protect, but that doesn't mean I like you. You like me, I know you do, everybody seems to but I don't know why - I am miserable and complaining and very stressed.... and I don't like you!! The REASON IS - I love you all.

Warriors love you!!
[just don't try to love them back!!]


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