Morphine and Chronic Pain by Karlin .....

Morphine cannot be reduced, only increased

Date:   7/29/2016 6:36:29 PM ( 6 y ago)

    Say what you will about Chronic Pain People   ...but you will be wrong BECAUSE WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME.

    Isn't racism built on that same idea where the racist assigns specific traits [negative ones] to everyone who is of a specific race? And then that negative trait is the excuse used [by the racist] to discriminate against, or to harm, people of that race.

   Well then the Medical Profession should not be treating us all the same. There are huge and wide differences from on Chronic Pain person to the next.

    Some of us find that nothing but opiate drugs work, and research has showed that chronic pain patients who take morphine for a long time develop something even more pervasive than addiction to the opiates. The reality for some of us is that even if we quit the drug for a year our bodies do not adjust, we writhe in pain and it keeps getting stronger - and that could have as simple an explanation as the well known phenomenon of "our brains STOP PRODUCING ENDORPHINS when taking opiate drugs". 

   For some, our brains never recover the ability to produce Endorphins.

   When they reduce or eleiminate our morphine prescriptions, they don't have a test to see if opiate dependant patients are recovering their Endorphin producing ability.

   We don't know why they are in such a fuss about reducing morphine prescriptions - they SAY it is because of the skyrocketing numbers of overdosess, but they know that PRESCRIBED opiates are NOT killing patients, it is the street opiates that kill.

  They KNOW that INCREASING those prescriptions will save lives. They won't do it, they do the opposite.





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