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Your 12th House time of the year can be a great support time for your spiritual and mental health.

Date:   4/19/2016 8:33:24 AM ( 6 y ago)

One of my all time favorite books is "The Book of Houses" by Robert Cole and Paul Williams. It is "an astrological guide to the harvest cycle in human life." As can be seen in nature, this harvest cycle is an annual event and it has its "seasons". In this instance the seasons are identified as "houses" and there are twelve of them. In other words from the time of choosing seeds (in the 11th house) to the time of harvest (the 10th House) we move through an entire twelve month/House cycle each and every year.

Each of us has our own particular timing for the cycle based on when we were born. Becoming familiar with when these "seasons" begin and end can bring greater harmony into our lives. That general knowledge could support our psyche by understanding right timing. The 12th House especially can be a great support as spiritual and mental health are the great themes for this time of the year. Imagine having about a month each year when you can be in right timing for nurturing your Psyche & Health!

August 25, 2016 -

One of the major themes of the 12th House is the Unconscious. As has been presented here at Psyche & Health and in accordance to the findings of "New Medicine" every illness has a specific meaning to it. The meaning resides in the unconscious and although we may not have every day awareness of this part of us each and every Illness can show us what is hidden in the unconscious. When we become aware of the unconscious cause of the illness we can access the programing and "choose again" to truly heal at this deep level.


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