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#38) "...the power of suggestion exerted by theater and cinema has a stronger influence on people’s minds and behavior than church, school, or even family."

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August 2, 2020 - Creating "Something Much More Alive" -

"Sometimes people sing very, very loudly. There is nothing wrong with this, except that a loud voice does not really produce spiritual emotions. It would be better to concentrate more on feeling for it creates something much more alive, more subtle, and makes the voice more expressive. If you also add light to your rendering, in other words if you think about what you are doing, it will then be perfect. Loud singing never brings the best results. It is seemingly sensational, but does not reach the more subtle regions of the soul and the spirit. It is important to be able to strike the right balance; strength should not be the dominant factor. It should be no more than the raw material on which feeling works to produce expression, and to which thought gives a goal."[5]

June 26, 2020 - Ecstasy -

"... Ecstasy is so easy. You just have to stop what you are doing for a moment. It’s just there.
The ecstatic world cannot be attained or grasped. It can only be allowed, which means that we must soften our gaze and our touch and our voice and our mind.

The only thing that matters is that we let go.
If you are not already in this process of letting go, then you are missing the essential in life and chasing the non-essential.

You can never have that straight line you are looking for. You will never find that answer or that certainty because life itself is built from uncertainty."[4]*

September 16, 2019 - The 46th (Gene Keys) Siddhi -

“The purpose of the Ring of Matter(i) is to be penetrated completely by the spirit. When this occurs ecstasy is the organic result. Children who are brought into this world surrounded by the energy of delight are children who never need to leave the state of ecstasy. … One day, very soon, entire communities around the world will experience group awakenings in this ogasmic way. …

There is actually no work more important on this earth than play. When we become truly playful, we reshape the nature of our collective reality. … Only ecstasy can silence the mind, only ecstasy can solve the problems of the world, only ecstasy can lead to world peace and universal love. …

The heart doesn’t care a tick about success or failure, past or future, life or death. It knows only that it is alive and beating now, and that realization floods the being with the sweet, liquid wine of ecstasy. …

Your ability to attune the the ecstatic nature of your body depends upon your ability to let go of your mind and open your heart. It depends upon how grateful you feel towards existence for giving you this body and the experience of being alive. If you have felt this ecstatic feeling even once in your life, then you can recreate it. And even if you haven’t felt it you can open yourself to it. It lies within you right now, at the exact moment of your reading this. It will always remain within you, waiting quietly …”[3]

(i) Gene Keys 18, 46, 48 and 57.


Play is "The Crown Jewel of Cheeta." Dance can be a form of play and a form that this writer-visionary is possibly most deeply connected with (see "The Lord of The Dance" posted in other CureZone blogs by this writer).

March 26, 2016 -

My affinity with the theatrical arts is probably where I have been most "in the closet" ever since my entrance into "The Church" in 1971. I can't hide my affinity any more! I realize now with the latest message of Omraam[1] that "theater" is the one area of Cheeta that I have not given an adequate presentation for. I will begin correcting that as of now.

Personally I have an unfilled capacity for acting. Fortunately I did receive a few acknowledgements for originally acting stints. Ever since I took an acting class I realized theater is a great opportunity for building community. Some time since then I have been slowly forming the Cheeta community vision and although the Cheeta acronym does include the Arts (Transformational Arts) I have yet to write on what can be considered as the "Crown Jewel" of Cheeta Theater.

October 19, 2019 -

Comment Posted at LinkedIn[2] -

I most certainly "like" this! ......... My current Mercury in Virgo version would have Spirit in the first position followed by the four elements as expressions of spirit through matter - starting with fire and then the rest following according wisdom traditions' order of creation. Thinking about this now inspires what I just wrote as an outline for the performing arts! Thanks for sharing this!

January 9, 2017 -

A friend wrote a biography of Katherine Tingley, founder of a Theosophical community in Point Loma of San Diego, California. In this community "Drama played a significant role, not only to develop community esprit d’corps, but for the individual transformational elements involved. From 1903 into the 1930s, the Point Loma Theosophical community produced scores of plays. Tingley chose Greek tragedy and Shakespeare’s dramas for what she viewed as their philosophical perennialism and universal Theosophic ideas, combined with the participatory opportunity that drama has for inner psychological and spiritual development."



[2] Regarding:

[3] "Gene Keys" By: Richard Rudd

[4] "Living a curved-life" By Richard Rudd:



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