Medical College - new rules are killing patients!! by Karlin .....

The College of P and S is killing people

Date:   2/16/2016 4:15:14 PM ( 6 y ago)

  Is what we are seeing now simply an Unexpected Outcome resulting from new rules put into place by the Medical College of B.C.?

   - or maybe they WANT their patients to suffer and die!!?!

    The New Rule is for patients who are being prescribe morphine - Dosages of morphine are to peak at 120 mgs per day,

     To put that into perspective, after 10 years of "gradual increases to match tolerance" [which was the protocol for 100 years until recently] I was prescribed 120 mgs of morphine FOUR TIMES PER DAY. I took that dosage for another 10 years, then under this new policy I was cut back to 300 mgs per day, and now I am about to have my dosage reduced again.

    For the first cut-back from 480 mgs to 300 mgs per day, I tried, I really did. I squirmed in pain and morphine never seemed to be effective due to my high tolerance. It just went on and on for 3 months without getting better.Then I tried to kill myself and THEN I smartened up and supplemented my dosage with opiates from "the street". Actually, it was just other peoples prescriptions that they sell to me - exact same pills.

    I still have the same pains that I had when the Doctors first decided that I should be on morphine. In fact, no, my pains are steadily growing worse as I age.

    100s of other patients have been reduced or cut off their morphine.

    I know some of them personally, just as I KNEW Pete.... Pete is DEAD now - a lack of morphine forced Pete to try "one of those green pills they call Oxys" - but in fact are mostly FENTYNAL. Pete snorted the crushed up pill and tilted forwards, he stopped breathing due to an OVERDOSE. Fentynal is famous for that - the dosages have to be VERY carefully measured out.... but these are real "street pills" that someone made at home. Some are very weak, and some are very potent.

    There has been an epidemic of Fentynal deaths in the past year or so - coincidental with the New Rules by the College, I say the College killed Pete. Pete had a mangled leg, he was in a LOT of pain....


    The Fentynal overdose deaths are obviously connected to the new rules - people with serious pain who have been prescribed morphine for several years, and then had their dosages reduced by HALF or more under the new College directive.

    And then another friend got cut way back and she WENT LOONEY!! Raging and in pain, she took some cocaine again for the first time in 12 years since kicking a bad coc habit. I say the College helped get her back on cocaine!! Married for 20 years, her family is now broken up - one kid with dad, the other one ran away. It was all stable and good for over a decade. I cried more about this one than about Pete.


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