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22.) The healing benefits of vibrational transformation in the home environment.

Date:   5/17/2015 3:30:16 PM ( 7 y ago)

Rediscovered a journal entry of September 2013 that makes reference to Cheeta! The journal begins with reflections on a Dyad session I had that past evening with my long-standing Dyad partner who by this time had gained exceptional ability in forming his own Dyad contemplations each time we had our session!

The part of this journal entry that mentions Cheeta starts out:

"I like what (Dr.) Chris said the other day regarding my vision for In-Home Healing Support and especially regarding 'Healing Home'. As I write this now (still in the journal) with Chris's feedback in mind I suddenly realize that the In-Home Healing Support Services can include raising the vibe in the home so that (the home) becomes a healing environment for the individual ... That environmental support can include a complete house cleaning with all natural, aroma therapy quality ingredients[1], Feng Shui, improving the air quality, improving the lighting quality, minimizing the EMFs; all of which could be considered part of my vision for C.h.e.e.t.a. (and then I have two arrows descending from the 'h' and the next 'e' pointing to 'healing environments'). Healing the home environment to make it a healing environment. Healing your home to make it a "Healing Home" for your own healing. 'We Heal Homes - transforming them into Healing Environments for your own healing!"

I continued: "Need to demonstrate this (and make) a radical make-over kind of documentary (showing) a great contrast 'from sickness to radical wellness' ~ In Your Home. The other parts of Cheeta would be included as well - "C" - Community, the second "E" - Enlightening, "T" - Transformative and "A" - Arts. Community Healing Environments - Enlightening & Transformative Arts. The Arts include Healing Culinary Arts, Therapeutic Arts, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Gardening Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Spa Therapy, Dyad Therapy, Nutrition Therapy, etc."

I just enjoyed re-visiting all of this journal now! The idea of taking the larger community vision of Cheeta and demonstrating a micro version of it in a single home has circulated through me a number of times! It's interesting to have found this journal entry of twenty months ago today when I just cleaned a portion of the back porch floor (at what I call the 'crock station') that had a couple piles of grease built up over the years and that required a spatula to scrap off the gunk on the floor before the actual hot soapy water solution could be applied and scrubbed! Total time took one and a half hours and now that "spot" has a clean floor! I just need to repeat the process about ten more times to cover the whole back porch. (I think you might have to be a Virgo to actually enjoy deep-cleaning like this and fortunately I've got just enough Virgo to qualify![2] ; ~ )

July 3, 2015 -

Inspired this night with two new phrases!

OH Housekeeping! OH as an acronym for Organic & Holistic!

2nd phrase: "Cheeta Clean" with the Cheeta acronym as:

Conscious Housekeeping ~ Enlightening Environment ~ Ta Da!

November 11, "16 -

Omraam underscores housecleaning as a spiritual activity!:

"If only you realized how valuable physical activity is, even for bringing light into one’s consciousness and progressing spiritually, you would make sure you always had something to clean, to wash, ..."[5]
Footnotes -

[1]The ultimate in "enlightened ecology" for in-home cleaning is a holy trinity of Thieves Vinegar[3], Hydrogen Peroxide and Sal Suds!

[2]"Is Beauty Hiding In Your Home?":

[3] I like making my own "six thieves" with Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar[4] plus Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Spearmint, Peppermint, and Lavender


[5] http://www.prosveta-usa.com/work-physical-its-use-for-the-spiritual-life_2016-11-11


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