Liquid Mirror by Chef JeM .....

"... an illustrated, experiential journey into the labyrinth of your soul all the way to your center – the stream of pure consciousness."

Date:   3/24/2015 8:21:13 AM ( 7 y ago)

Take pro-active responsibility for your psyche and thereby for the very foundations of your health as well.

"Embark upon the path of proactive self-healing – before life reflects your wounds as dysfunctional relationships, disease, addiction and depression."[1]

February 27, 2018 - The Personal Journey of Auroa Juliana Ariel, PhD. -

“...The brilliance of having gone through a series of devastations was that I discovered a way not only to bring myself from upset to peace very quickly, but to also take the next step in actually reprogramming the subconscious patterns that were creating these conditions. This became a landmark discovery in my work in the psyche. Soon I was like a Houdini, skillfully releasing myself from each challenging situation. I released myself from histories of pain that were weighing me down, coloring my outlook on life, and causing health conditions and even aging. I had accessed the pain and patterns that caused my incurable illness and in healing them, I was cured. When a cardiologist checked my heart years later, there was no residue of the serious condition I had been through. Each challenge furthered my quest in the psyche, resulting in a host of exciting discoveries, the threads of which were woven into a tapestry.”



[2] Chapter Six: “Unlocking the Secret Code”, of “Earth 2012-33 The Ultimate Quest” - by Auroa Juliana Ariel, PhD.


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