Holy Death of Truth by Ren .....

Had a very intense meditation today...so offer this prayer to publicly acknowledge Santa Muerte's continued help moving through the eight gates.

Date:   3/11/2015 12:20:36 PM ( 8 y ago)


Holy Death of truth

mighty purple lady

You have much to share... much to teach,

to all who believe in you.

Among many, you choose a few;

and you guide us along the way...

without a book

You are often silent;

but give words and signs when they are needed,

i pray that you can resolve for me any hidden decivced

and grant the power to see the truth

Holy Death of Truth

I come to you seeking the truth

I ask thee to reveal to me the liar and the traitor

I ask thee to reveal to me my true hidden enemies

I ask thee to reveal to me the true heart of the one I love

I ask this my Mother,pure and from my heart

As I walk you are beside me,

and when I sleep you watch over me

When I cry, you place your wing over me for comfort,

and remind me of who I am.

When I need someone to talk to, you send a friend,

When I am sad, you take away the pain,

Your presence surrounds me,

therefore I am never alone

knelling at thy altar

i make a promise to you

that i can not break

i pray that you guide me through this darkness

and if you can lead me

then forgive me if i get lost along the path of truth




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