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Real Chicken Soup is Food As Medicine!

Date:   9/11/2013 2:44:20 AM ( 9 y ago)

... begins with real, home-made chicken soup!
I'm glad to see the truth of this recognized within the Waldorf community!:

Note Re: "Farm-raised/free-range/organic chickens"
I recommend getting the whole, complete chicken, with all its parts, including the head and the feet. That means you will probably need to locate a local, small farm source. Otherwise you might find truly whole chickens at an Oriental or other more traditional market. You can cook in a slow cooker. Then after the first 8 hours you can remove the cut pieces of meat, remove the bones and return them to the slow cooker and allow that to continue cooking for at least 24 more hours. Ideally you want to have the bones well done to at least chew on them to some extent.

More on Bone Medicine at my other blog Chef Jem by chef jem:

In Good Health!


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