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Enjoy Good Digestion with food prepared as medicine and eaten in a sacred way.

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Greetings Once Again!

As mentioned before in this blog - digestion is an essential part of all that can make for good nutrition. Your ability to digest your food is arguably the most important contributing factor in your nutrition immediately followed by the quality of the food itself. At some level of awareness the wisdom of this truth is virtually universal as all cultures at least have the equivalent of saying "Good Digestion" before sharing a meal. That's because you can't assimilate what you can't digest.

If you can't digest the food you eat then you may be at risk for a certain spectrum of diseases that are directly related to the inability to digest food. What you don't digest may not only be at least an extra burden on your body, it might also become a source of inflammation that can be the physical ground for "disease". Therefore - I encourage you to consider both the digest-ability of what you eat and your own self-assessed powers of digestion.

The food item itself can always be an immediate place to start in considering digest-ability however it's not the only consideration. There are several other things that you can consider as well. These include:
Every aspect of how the food item is prepared,
Every aspect of how it is consumed,
Every aspect of how one is thinking and feeling during the food preparation process,
Every aspect of how one is thinking and feeling when consuming the food.

If all things are considered then you can see there is quite a matrix involved in "good digestion" and that it is more than just a physical/biological consideration. It is for these reasons that I continually aspire toward having the kitchen be a sacred space where the highest consciousness can easily flow into all aspects of the culinary experience. All of which gets imbued into the food! This supports the idea of food-as-medicine. The "sacred space" for "food-as-medicine" is naturally extended into the dinning environment as well. The vision presented at the Cheeta Blog is built on this foundation.[1]

February 13th -

The prime Ayurvedic dietary wisdom starts with good digestion. The Ayurvedic culinary approach emphasizes a right use of spices and their top spices are ones that enhance digestion. Black pepper is one of the spices included.

Black Pepper

"Pepper helps carry nutrition across the blood brain barrier. Since the brain is over 50% fat, it is nourished by high quality oils. Sauteing fresh ground pepper in extra virgin olive oil or ghee is recommended for brain nourishment."[2]

I personally recommend sauteing this and many of the other spices in ghee or butter.

April 2, 2015 -

Just discovered this book by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov:

"The foods we eat every day obviously contain life, but they don’t yet possess the spirit. So we must, when we eat, concentrate on the food so that our spirit participates in this act. On eating the food, the spirit impregnates our own matter which it transforms, enlightens and regenerates."[3]

Also this quote -

"Disciples nourish the body by concentrating mentally on the food they are eating. Instead of looking around and watching other people, they close their eyes to avoid being distracted and to be free to devote complete attention to their food. To disciples, food is a manifestation of God, a love letter from the Lord, and for this reason they try to read the messages hidden in it, and to dwell on all its different aspects: where it comes from, what it contains, the qualities that correspond to it, the entities that have cultivated and cared for it, and so on. Disciples know that there are entities that care for every single plant and every fruit, and that if they mature and ripen at a particular moment, it means that there is a correspondence with specific planetary influences. Disciples’ minds are occupied in profound meditation of all these things while they are eating, and in this way, their mental bodies are nourished by elements that are even subtler and of a higher order than those of the astral plane. The result is that they gain greatly in lucidity and clarity of thought and acquire a more profound grasp of life and of the world. After a meal taken in these conditions, disciples leave the table with luminous understanding and the capability of undertaking extremely arduous intellectual tasks.":

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, A New Earth[8]

October 5th - Continuing with Omraam:

“... let me talk to you about how initiates consider the question of eating. As they wish to give themselves the best possible conditions in which to receive the elements that have been put into their food in nature's laboratories, they begin by meditating and tuning in to their creator. Above all, they do not engage in conversation. They eat in silence.
You must not think that silence during meals is simply a monastic habit: sages … also eat in silence. They chew their first mouthful consciously and for as long as possible until it disappears in the mouth ... One's frame of mind when taking one's first mouthful is extremely important, because it is this first step which triggers the inner mechanism. ...”[5]

“... 'At mealtimes we must begin to learn control and mastery. So, practice eating without making any noise. I know that what I am asking you seems almost unbelievable and unachievable, but you will succeed, ...'

Here Omraam underlines the natural, the ordinary in everyday life, where silence should have its place to increase our quality of life, and the healing contribution of the meal when eaten consciously and in silence, if we concentrate and harmonize ourselves inwardly. ...”[6]

April 26th, 2015 -

One of the primary keys to good digestion on a body chemistry level is to have sufficient stomach acid. Stomach acid is stimulated with protein-rich foods; typically whole and unadulterated animal products. According to the Weston A. Price Foundation c/o Sally Fallon Morell we "definitely need the animal protein".[4]

In San Diego we are most fortunate to have a local market where the owner also is a butcher and regular brings in fresh meats from a grass-fed farm that he works with. I don't know if it gets any better than that. Every item animal product that I have ever had from this gentleman has been superb! The animals are properly raised and processed in a most conscious and sacred way by this man and there is great goodness to be said about that. If you can possibly find a direct link such as this then I would recommend it! One possible source to check is in the annual Shopping Guide published by the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF). Another source is the local WAPF chapter in or closest to your locality. Both of these can be found at

Happy Thanksgiving, 2015 -

I wish you the very best of Good Digestion today and every day henceforth!

From Omraam:


"You must chew your food for as long possible until there is nothing left in your mouth, even without having swallowed. The mouth is the first 'laboratory' in which the food you eat is processed, and it is also the most important and the most spiritual. The stomach is of secondary importance. The subtlest processes are carried out in the mouth, for it is in the laboratory of the mouth that the etheric particles are absorbed, whereas the coarser, denser elements are sent on to the stomach. In fact, one often feels strengthened long before a meal has been absorbed and digested and the nutrients distributed to the various organs of the body, and this proves that even before the food has reached the stomach, the mouth has extracted the etheric elements from it and distributed them to the nervous system."[7]

January 14th, 2016 -

Continuing with Omraam:

" must pay attention to your inner state when you sit down to eat."[9]

22nd -
Continuing with Omraam -

“When they sit down for a meal … initiates set about putting themselves in the best conditions to receive the elements prepared in nature's laboratories. They go within, link themselves to the Creator, say a short or long prayer, and in silence and peace they begin this process of the highest white magic: nutrition. They take the first mouthful, which they chew for as long as possible until the food disappears in their mouth … The frame of mind with which we take the first mouthful is extremely important. So you must prepare yourself to do it in the best possible state, all the rest will follow harmoniously.

… the mouth … is the main laboratory, because it is the most spiritual. … it absorbs the food's etheric particles, which are the finest and most powerful energies … glands situated both on and under the tongue which are charged with the special work of capturing the etheric particles of the food. … We must divest the food of its divine energies, and only the mouth does this.”[10]

August 17, 2016 -

Fat Digestion:

Dr. Tom Cowan says:
"When it comes to nutrition, beets stand above all other foods in three ways:

...Beets contain a chemical called betaine (the word itself is derived from beets), which is responsible for thinning the bile. Thinning the bile means that the liver and gall bladder have an easier time digesting fats, which mitigates the development of gall stones and supports bowel elimination. We humans produce betaine in our livers, which is the body’s way of keeping the bile flowing strongly. Eating beets support this free flow of bile."[11]

Having just read this now inspires me to reload on Beet Kvass!

November 7, 2016 -

"It is not the stomach, but the tongue and the mouth that capture the quintessence of food thanks to our thoughts and feelings and send it to the brain, and the whole nervous system."[12]





[4] July 22, 2015 -

Earlier I got inspired to search: "weston a price foundation" + "balanced diet" and that produced a total of "About 4,040 results". The following is the eighth result on the first page:

YouTube Video ...
(Run time) 1:58

What exactly is a balanced diet anyway? In the short YouTube video: "More Fat in This 'Balanced Diet'" Sally Fallon Morell, former president of the Weston A. Price says:

A balanced diet is a balance of fats, carbohydrates and protein with fairly low protein, moderate amount of carbohydrates and high in fats. We like to be inclusive and say you can include all kinds of food. The key is to properly prepare the foods and to have good digestion.

The first recommendation Sally mentioned for good digestion is to include gelatin-rich bone broth as "it is very healing to the digestive track":

Along with the importance of bone broth is the proper preparation of grains:

Also most vegetables need to be cooked to break down the fiber and cellulose and to liberate the minerals.









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