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What the Western medical paradigm calls disease is actually a special biological survival program that is both necessary and meaningful to the individual.

Date:   6/22/2013 2:26:38 AM ( 9 y ago)

November 22, 2019 - Correspondence with a New Medicine Practitioner -

This blog-writer wrote: "The reason why we need to 'discover' the 'Root Cause' of our disease symptoms is because the body's Bio-Logical intelligence is supporting us specifcally for that purpose!"

Question presented to the practitioner:

"Is this statement 100% true?' ........."

June 22, 2013 -

How fortunate it was for me to meet Dr. Chris Lowthert (D.C.) German New Medicine (GNM) practitioner and teacher a few years ago and especially to have developed a friendship with him! Dr. Chris has supported my studies in German New Medicine as well as my outreach to practitioners to introduce them to this new medicine discovered and extensively documented by Dr. Hamer then replicated and verified by many other practitioners over the past couple decades. You can now learn the foundation of the new medicine online!:">">


June 25, 2013

A friend is depressed over the news of people he knows that have been diagnosed with cancer. One example he gave was a man diagnosed with "third stage colon cancer". I am sad about hearing that (1) and I imagine that the diagnosis possibly had severely impacted the guy (no pun intended) via a diagnostic shock. That "shock" is something to underscore.

The following is a link to a German New medicine site with an amazing library of presentations, articles and more that can give the reader a new perspective on disease as a highly intelligent, special, biological survival program that is deeply meaningful!:

Re: "Scientific Evaluation of German New Medicine (GNM)":

(1) because I know that disease has been demonized by Western medicine and that consequently people (unaware of the truth of "disease" in general and the truth of their "disease" in particular) are suffering from their fear-based diagnostic and prognostic shocks presented by doctors who are masters of delivering these shocks and who have the full support and protection of Western Medicine.

"All medical theories, whether conventional or 'alternative', past or current, are based on the concept that diseases are 'malfunctions' of the organism. Dr. Hamer’s discoveries show however that nothing in Nature is 'diseased' but always biologically meaningful. According to the Five Biological Laws, diseases are not malignancies, as proposed by conventional medicine, but instead are age-old “Biological Special Programs of Nature” that assist an individual during unexpected emotional distress.":

I have previously blogged about GNM at my other cureZone blogs: "Son of Truth of Self" and "Chef Jem". One of those is "What is Healing? What is German New Medicine?" here:

"Introduction to the first of many possible options toward resolving a shock conflict (DHS) once it is identified + a bibliography to be reviewed in light of GNM."


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