"We Are Stardust"! by Mixologist .....

Human Design is a four-fold synthesis of ancient wisdom capable of bringing you deep understanding on the uniqueness of your individuality!

Date:   5/26/2013 5:10:19 AM ( 9 y ago)

"All of us are in the same field of information as a global community. We are stardust. We were all seeded when the Supernova 1987A exploded and released a huge stream of neutrino information. Normally we receive 3 trillion neutrinos per second over a square centimeter of space and in the 17 minutes following the death of this star we received 9 trillion neutrinos per second over a square centimeter. From a visionary point of view this star, as it died, gave all of us its last bits of information. It's a wonderful thing. The most beautiful thing for me in physics is the recognition that the neutrino stream thatrsw rspenetrates me, not only changes me, but I change it, just as we all do. And this is very beautiful because as it changes me and I change it, it goes back out into the universe in every direction near the speed of light. We all touch thousands of stars with the nature of what it is to be us. They impact us and we impact them." --- RA URU HU

I have been a student of the Human Design system for several years and it is my joy to introduce others to their Design! The uniqueness of individual's Design never ceases to amaze me! This is the premier system for understanding self and others. And giving understanding to others is absolutely my divine joy!


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