Three Eclipse Cycle Energies by lfire .....

Seems that lately I have been getting "messages" to write and have posted a couple of them already. This is the latest one.

Date:   5/17/2013 10:56:49 PM ( 10 y ago)


                            The Three Eclipse Cycle Energies

During this time of immense shift in energies I asked Spirit for a road map.

Spirit laughed and handed me a large bag that contained lots of puzzle pieces.

“Here is your map!”

“Put it together yourself. See what pieces fit and which pieces don’t fit!”

“You are in the middle

     of a Spiritual REVOLUTION

so that you can move forward

          into your EVOLUTION

and at the moment you mistakenly think

         you need RESOLUTION

as well as wanting

             a total SOLUTION.”

Those are all part of the 3-D judgment thinking. The new unfoldments

require us to go beyond all those concepts and find new ways of

just BE-ing.



The Gift  We are told that this is a time of many changes. As I was sitting at my computer, suddenly I started to write. It is about those who are at the forefront of these changes from 3-D to 5-D and that there is a gift to help those changes occur.

Horse Story I have been dreaming and thinking a lot about horses lately



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