Intoxication from Excessive Power and Wealth - Part 3/3 by Karlin .....

The threats facing us all are ignored by those who are in power because they are paid the big bucks to ignore problems

Date:   4/5/2013 3:20:31 AM ( 9 y ago)

Part Three - the other threat:

          Intoxication from Excessive Power and Wealth

   Of the other threats to the human race, some are NATURAL such as "space rocks" [but if we have enough warning we may be able to nudge them away from a path on course to hit the earth], and the "far off or far out" possibility that the Sun will explode or that gravity will end or that the magnetic sheild around the planet Earth will stop working, but most of these threats are HUMAN CAUSED.

  If the most significant, and "likely-to-occur" threats to the human race are human caused, does that tell us that the human form is not viable? I don't believe that, I believe that it is just a small group of humans who create and promote these threats, and they are made delusional by the ethereal qualities of exessive wealth and power. Very few who become Elites are not intoxicated by this ether of power and wealth to the point where they believe that "because I am so rich and powerfull, I can do no wrong" and therefore they are blinded to the problems they cause. Almost everybody else can clearly see that radiation and global warming and so on are serious problems, other than some of us who have been taken in by the propaganda and by the sheer gravity of the elites and their blindness.

     Besides damage to our DNA, our continued over-use of fossil fuels that is primary cause of the other threats to the existence of the human race, but the creation of nuclear power and nuclear weapons could also cause #2:

  A close 2nd place threat is that which threatens the "underlying supportive structures", as in the Ecology of the natural world. Air, water, stable climate and sunshine are not easily replaced by technology, and even if they were it is likely that the human spirit would wither and die due to the ancient, eons-long time spent evolving while immersed completely in the natural world. We may not know it consciously, but nature is as much a part of us as our bodies are -  these hands have learned to feel by feeling the textures of the natural world, these eyes have become what they are while seeing the natural world. The urban setting has been a reality for the human race for just a small fraction of the time we have existed in our present form [150 years surrounded by steel, glass and concrete compared to 150,000 years in nature]

  Once again, we do NOT KNOW the full consequences of the amount of CO2 allready in the atmosphere - it lasts 1000 years and could be enough to cause runaway global warming where warming causes more warming, as in the so-called "cascade effects" such as melting permafrost releasing it's methane, which is a more potent, albeit shorter lived, greenhouse gas than CO2 is.

Have we allready wiped our-future-selves out?

A final Quote from the report:

  "We found a unique population near Chernobyl where there is a third generation exposed to radiation since before their conception. This is because for some young women, say 16 years old in 1986, even if they were not pregnant, their oocytes absorbed radiation.

Later, in pregnancy, their foetus would be exposed to that radiation. Those babies, now teenagers, will in turn, have their babies exposed to  the radiation affected chromosomes.

So here, this particular population is indeed a test case for that third, delayed, effect.  This brings in the question of gene mutations and chromosomes – the unpredictable subject of genomic instability. It is not surprising that politicians, and people in general, do not understand genomic instability. Scientists do not understand it, and what it means for future populations."

- end quote -


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