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Love is the key element in the Universe, it emanates from Almighty God and forms a cement that holds us together!

Date:   9/25/2012 6:52:45 PM ( 11 y ago)


 If you are ever going to improve and get over your selfish views, {things that no one really wants to hear!}; then your pathway will not change!

Last night (appox 03:00) I had a revelation (dream) about some of the reasons things were

not going as well in my life as I hoped or expected!

  It appeared that as I was seeking the truth and making a statement to someone about the element of slavery, then how it has effected people's lives...
While I was able to present the whole truth and explain the how and why of such an evil system....   I did not really feel that I was successful!  Something was lacking!

  Yet since I have been studing the Bible about renewing your mind in order to get the Righteous Mind of Christ to guide me,  - through the Holy Spirit;  {Bam - it came to me} !

" The whole system of Almighty God emanates through Love! "  

 " God loves me { everyone} more than we can really fully understand! "

    God really loves you!  

Yes, it is the whole element of Love { Agape Type } that is the glue and driving force, which is the force that holds the Universe together!   This is because God is Love, thus everything He does is done in total Love, all of  which is a total sharing experience!  Love is an action word, let it move in your life!

Because if you do not share the Love, then it does you no good because it  has no power to help others  reciprocate and return that Love back!   A one sided Love is just like shouting out into a vast open canyon or against the roaring ocean!  While you put forth an effort, the result of your sound is nothing, because it is not shared!

So it became apparent that only a real shared true Love,  which supports and helps others is sufficient!      Any & all other forms are a real waste of time and energy!

This is what has been wrong with most of the world through out history!
   **  there will be another post Part 2 - continuing this article later!
    Plus ALso see:  Blog " Forgotten Words "  13 Jan 2013;  Love Power Source of the Universe  -Once we get our eyes off self,, and upon the pure source of Love: then our existence will shine forever!



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