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Iran kills bankers who commit serious financial crimes, America bails them out

Date:   7/30/2012 10:29:26 PM ( 10 y ago)

July 30, 2012

Bankers Sentenced to Death

It sounds a lot like Russia after the USSR broke up and the cold war ended - the government owned factories and businesses were given away for a pittance to friends of the government, and the government members thereby benefited under the table.

It also sounds a lot like the U.S.A. right now, with bankers making out like bandits while committing fraud - tinkering with interest rates, playing Ponzi Schemes, but most damning of all are those financial industry [bankers] playing risky games with derivatives losing huge money over transactions not allowed before Bush 2 allowed them in a highly controversial move, and THEN BAILING THOSE BANKS OUT.

The big difference is that when it happens in Iran, appropriate action is taken.

The economy is the life-blood of nations, people suffer gretly, and some may even starve to death when economies crash. The only crime more demanding of a death sentence than major crimes against the economy that have the potential to crash the entire economy is cold-blooded murder.

Yes, its true - Iran has sentenced four bankers to death for their financial industry crimes.

It was a crime of government businesses were being sold off to private interests at a pittance, far less than they were worth, creating instant billionaires for certain friends of government members. Those government members may also be charged with "financial crimes against the state".

I am not a big fan of the death penalty but when someone commits murder there is allways the potential for them to do it again - they have proven themselves capable of murder, and of being willing to actually do it.

The deterrant factor may not apply so much to murder, as studies have shown, but I bet it surely would to bankers who dare tinker with a nation's economic well being.

Crimes against the economy are potentially much more deadly that a single murder - look at the Great Depression from the 1930s and tell me that was not a lot of extreme suffering that resulted in many deaths, perhaps not from starvation, but deprivation, desperation, hopelessness, and extreme suffering. People died.

So I say, with extreme prejudice, for bankers who tinker with our life-blood by committing financial crimes that could cause economic chaos and collapse, give them life sentences or death sentences.

Iran does - perhaps they are less corrupted by bankers than America's government is. After all, America simply bailed out the bankers who lost money on risky financial industry games that were not long ago considered illegal in America, and still are everywhere else in the world.

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