Taxes - a Redistrubution of Wealth by Karlin .....

Redistrubution of wealth helps the consumer economy

Date:   7/27/2012 9:46:49 AM ( 10 y ago)

Lower taxes, lower taxes" - the RW wealthy people hate taxes and spout that same tired refrain over and over again and they claim that taxes are killing business.

Not true. They ignore the real-world fact that in a restaurant, for example, hiring more staff is 99% dependant on how many customers come through the door.

Paying 10% less taxes than they do now would not inspire the management to hire even one busboy, but 50 more customers a day would see him hiring a bus load of workers.

And, how does he get 25 more customers coming in? - average people need to have more money and they they would eat out more.

Therefore, the best thing to increase restaurant business is to get more money into the hands of average people, and taxing the wealthy and corporations, a "re-distribution of wealth through taxation", is one way to do that.

There is the "investment economy" for the wealthy, and then there is the "consumer economy" for the rest of us, the majority, we the people, the one's that democracy is supposed to serve.

It is the fairest way to do that, and the best way of recognising that wealthy people got wealthy because of the basic infrastructure in place, and it was and will allways be GOVERNMENT that does that.


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