Responsibility for Government Actions is up to us by Karlin .....

we are responsible for our government's actions

Date:   6/15/2012 3:21:14 AM ( 10 y ago)

Responsibility for Government Actions

If you buy a dog and it bites people, isn't that YOUR responsibility? - the law says it is, and you can be charged and fined if you fail to live up to your responsibility.

If you drive a car, shoot a gun, or even play your stereo in ways that disturb or harm people, you are held responsible - it IS your responsibility.

Why is government any different? It is our government, and if they are breaking laws and acting irresponsibly, it is up to us to stop them, to take their license away, to stop giving them bullets, to turn the volume down, to stop biting people, to stop killing people, and to stop ruining developing nations. WE MUST STOP OUR GOVERNMENT FROM STARTING WARS - this is OUR responsibility because it it OUR government!!

WE gave them the power they have!! WE payed our taxes and voted - at least some of us voted for the party in power. Perhaps those of you who cast a vote for the politicians and party that is in power have more to blame, but certainly all citizens of adult age have a responsibility to ensure that THEIR government is acting responsibily.

Our governments have been acting badly, they have been killing innocent people [for one thing] and if there were a bylaw enforcement officer that had the authority to put down that dog, it would happen.

It would happen because of ONE bite. There have been SEVERAL bites in recent years.

There is no such bylaw authority, so it is up to US.

Although the government of the USA is the leader of the pack, every dog that runs with them also must be put down, euthanised, killed, gone... so that they cannot and will not continue to do harm. Besides the USA, those NATO gang dogs must go too. The USA dogs and the NATO pack have been killing, and then telling lies about why the killing was necessary.

Neither dogs nor governments have the right to kill anyone!! The "reasons for killing" people in other nations cannot possibly hold water because there is no laws or agreements to permit it.

No government has the right to kill anyone with the one exception of a few states in the USA that have specific laws to kill criminals after they have been tried and found guilty of very specific crimes.

The other exception, world war, was actually OUTLAWED by the Geneva convention, and those laws have been broken by the NATO dog gang many times, and especially by the USA.

We are simply NOT ALLOWED to go into other nations and kill people, not even if we do percieve them to be an enemy [and that is not actually the case, most of those deaths are of completely innocent people in that they have never even left their homeland, and they have certainly never killed anyone in our nations]. Terrorism is a false flag, but even if it wasn't, our government is still not allowed to go there to other nations and kill the so-called terrorists.

There ARE laws AGAINST going to other nations to kill people on a "pre-crime basis", but there are no laws permitting it.

What if we asked for a complete change of government personell, a sort of "clean sweep" just to make sure our government has not been hi-jacked by forces we know little about?

If the government who pretends to operate as OUR government were really doing what they do "for the good of the people", and "as the will of the people", we would be able to change them.

Lets ask, they will say no.

They will kill us if we push too hard for a change.

Still, we helped create this monster, and it is our responsibilty to euthanise it now.


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