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Pink Slime advertisement

Date:   6/2/2012 10:09:36 PM ( 11 y ago)

On the ligher side... I have not watched TV for a quite awhile, as my financial situation provided me with the GIFT of getting my cable cut off.

However, the Stanely Cup Finals are on, and I find a way.

I have kept up on the news however, and I know what "pink slime" is. See * below if you don't know.

So -

A commercial for DQ comes on, it is the one called "DQemistry" with a couple having a date at DQ... they start eating their burgers...

Then, watch... the guy slides a gift towards the girl - ITS A BOX OF PINK SLIME*!!

Wow, I thought to myself, TV has taken viewers down another notch since I last watched. A suitable gift on a first date is a box of pink slime.

On the pink slime theme, when the news was breaking I saw the head of a major food processor declare that Pink Slime is "a high quality food" - therefore, he has not clue about food quaility, and I would not buy ANY of their products.

Ok, enough of that. I suppose you are wondering how I got reception without cable? Rabbit Ears - remember them? - it is one way to get snow in June... HA!

Go Kings Go!!

-----------------------------pink slime:
{AKA "finely textured beef"

It is the droppings from slaughter houses, scraped off the floor and mixed with ammonia and then added to beef patties that you get at fast food places, and sometimes to hamburger you buy in the store.

To avoid it, go organic or get hamburger from an independant grocer whom you know and can ask. I live in a small town and even we have an independant grocer.

They say it is not used in Canada. Have a nice day, America.


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