The Last Time I Meditated by Ren .....

God is GREAT and so is 15 min of meditation

Date:   12/17/2010 8:14:23 AM ( 13 y ago)

The last time and every time I see a hand offering me the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Isn't that beautiful? I started meditating again because I deserve to spend quiet time alone. If I can't find fifteen minutes to myself then there's no hope for me.

You can find fifteen minutes for yourself guys. Let's get out the rat race matrix, being part of the problem in America which is overconsumption and obesity but being spiritually/metaphysically poorasses. We overeat cheap spiritual crapola and then we wonder why people are still unhappy. Let's enjoy the simple things that make America GREAT. When I went to visit my relatives in a 'developing nation' we were held prisoners in my granny's house because my aunt was too afraid of 'crime' and 'robbery' and 'getting raped'. Just wow.


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