Uniton Tribune Article and my Commentary by YourEnchantedGardener .....

Uniton Tribune Article and my Commentary

Date:   10/14/2010 12:16:32 AM ( 13 y ago)

6-7:30 pm
SEPTEMBER 20. 2010


I want to sleep on this commentary and get some editing
before posting this:

Thanks, Keli, it A Fundraiser to Educate Washington about Real Food Safety. 9-11 pm Nov 6 following the keynote speaker at the four-day Pacific Symposium at the Catamaran. It's a Sound healing and group percussion experience. We will be giving some Beet Keeper Awards, one going to Bill Tall of City Farrmers Nursery. Bill Epitomizes a generosity of spirit and community service. We will likely sample some fresh local foods from JR Organics and Sage Mountain Farm.

We all want safe food. Most of our senators sincerely believe they will give us Food Safety by passing the Food Safey bills s.510 -S.3767 or some version of this. The bills would add more and more regulations on the small organic farmers who are already regulated by the USDA. while at the same time not solving the problem of the contamination that is build into the system. Our food supply is too centralized and dangerously fragile because of this. Barry Logan's position was that micro farmers at his level of operation should not be regulated. Washington needs to
encourage the existence of thousands of more small farms and farmers to
have authentic Real Food Safety. Small farms are the cornerstone of Real Food Safety in America and around the world. This, of course makes the worldunsafe for Industrial Ag and international Food Rules that the FDA wants to help legislate more regulations now.. I am concerned that Organic farmers large and small are already burdened by too many regulations. As Logan said, Vegetables do not lie. Many commercial grade leafy greens are already over the hill by the time they reach the market. Contamination is built into the system. Truly we all need to Chew on Food Safety. A National Conversation is Needed. Please listen to what this gardener turned farmer was saying so we can really get into a healthy Dialogue on Science, Ethics and Food.


The bills increase FDA authority at the local level. The FDA has not shown itself worthy of more regulatory powers at this time. Many of the Food Rules they want to enforce are against the laws of nature. Most organic farmers can abide within these rules and do. Barry Logan served some of the finest therapuetic foods around, the quality that Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, would have valued. The FDA does not believe people know how to use food as medicine. They prefer pharmaceutical drugs as a way to manage the disease that come from a lack of education about how to eat in the first place. If Hippocrates were alive today, he would likely be arrested by the FDA for making false claims that humans, through using the kind of food Barry Logan grew, can improve their health. For eons people have been improving their health through eating whole, pure, and natural foods, fresh from farms as provided at the Farmers' Market. I agree. Follow the law. What do we do when are laws are contrary to the laws of nature? A massive natiional conversation needs to take place before we pass any version of the Food Safety Modernization Act. It is time to Chew on Food Safety. You open the door to a meaningful Dialogue on Science, Ethics and Food.

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

READ KELI DAILEY's report in the San Diego Union Tribune here


La Milpa’s owner, the pony-tailed and soft-spoken Logan, decided to shut down the farm instead. Logan could not be reached for comment. But local CureZone blogger Leslie Goldman, who attended the last public event at La Milpa in September (click here for a video), had this to say:

“I’ve been pretty close to Barry, who is keeping a low profile right now. Barry Logan acknowledges he broke regulations that are currently on the books regarding farming. However you cannot do micro-farming and healthy food growing, as Barry Logan has been doing for seven years, without breaking those regulations.”

Goldman is using La Milpa in his argument against food-safety bills under consideration in the senate (Read Goldman's argument: click here). And Goldman’s hosting a food-safety symposium and percussion event, featuring food from JR Organics and Sage Mountain Farm, from 9 to 11 p.m. on November 6 at the Catamaran Resort Hotel. $15. (619) 582-9669.


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