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Date:   10/14/2009 3:49:55 PM ( 13 y ago)

For a number of years now, I have searched high and low for just ONE case of anyone's kidneys being healed after stage 5 kidney failure is present. In fact, I have yet to read of ONE report of kidneys being cured BY ANY MEANS from any stage of kidney failure.

I have read numerous claims by some, but I have yet to see ONE report from a REPUTABLE SOURCE that corraborates and supports any of these claims. No scientific, medical data or any positive results from anywhere that has been documented after extensive research and examination.
Also, if there were ever a case of kidney failure being reversed, it would be front-page news on every paper on the planet.

The fact is, renal failure means your kidneys are finished and there is no drug, no treatment, no herb or herbal concoction or prayer that will bring them back to life.
It is very important for a renal patient to accept this as fact and to get on with the business of doing their best to maintain and improve their quality of life, however limited it may have become.

The typical tactic of the charlatan is to offer, to guarantee a complete cure, as long as you follow their regimen to the letter and oh yes, pay them, (usually) a large sum of money.

When I was first diagnosed I was full of fluid, (14 litres was drained from my body after I was finally hospitalised)-
I was resistant to western medical methods and so, I tried chinese medicine, first. A professor at a highly reputable college (of traditional chinese medicine) took me on as a patient. His wife was also a practicioner of chinese medicine, as well as a certified physician.

When her husband couldn't find a way to stop the fluid from building up in me, he called his wife to examine me. She told me that her uncle had developed a herbal pill that could save my life. She also told me that it was my only chance to live and that I would die for certain if I did not consider her offer.
She wanted one thousand dollars a month, for three months, from me.

I went to the hospital, finally, and gave in to the western methods. I am very glad I did. So is my family.
I probably would have died if I had taken her offer. By then, she would have the money and the signed consent form to keep her from liability, of course.

Beware of the snake oil salesmen, friends. They have a much wider audience now, than ever before, so we must be vigilant and very careful about who and what we trust our lives with.

take care!


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