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My Revisit To This Site

Date:   10/10/2009 1:08:58 AM ( 13 y ago)

My Goodness! (I said this four years ago!) I've found my way back here at "Truth of Self"!

I've been blogging at "Son of Truth of Self" over the past four years and imagined that I had lost my way back here (and so I never tried to reconnect here ever since I had switched over). However, I did imagine coming back here and reviewing everything with a "chief editor" perspective and imagined further that I would have additional commentaries to make. It is so very interesting to me that this re-connection is happening in this particular moment right after I have talked with my brother and during which he shared an experience he had with local law enforcement coming to his home responding to neighbors call when he was in an argument with his lover and partner. His report was clearly one of threat, duress and coercion by the law enforcement. It may also include fraud. Ever since the incident he has not felt completely secure in his own home. thinking that law enforcement could essentially force their way anytime. And I imagine there is some good to come out of that. It seems it adds to his desire to more out of that area which he had previously said he doesn't like. It seems similar to me in my original report here on the car I "lost" which I was not at peace traveling in! Now it is four years since that original incident and life has been pretty good without a car! I have simply arranged my life in ways so that not having a car hasn't been a problem for me. In fact I am really glad that I don't have a gas tank that I have to fill up every week or so, legal requirements that I have to stay on top of and all the repairs and up keep that comes with an older rig, which has always been what I had. I am really glad not to have that now! I am sure my brother will be glad when he can leave the place that he no longer has complete peace about!

"Most negative events that occur in your life can be viewed from the perspective of life trying to teach you something that will ultimately improve you." W. Clement Stone


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