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Vaccines cause food allergies but few people care. They would rather be sheep and not have to think. The government loves and protects you... not!

Date:   9/11/2009 10:15:42 AM ( 14 y ago)

Doesnít seem like anyone really does care that vaccines cause food allergies. People are so brainwashed these days.

Do you really think we have freedom of speech? TV, radio, newspapers are controlled by a few corporations. Everything is profit based. A huge part of their income comes from the drug industry. You donít bite the hand that feeds you even if it means you spread lies.

Thatís what it is, too. LIES.

Itís frustrating to have proof that vaccinations cause food allergy but not be heard. I donít have a doctorate degree therefore my findings donít matter. I didnít write it up properly and find the original sources for all my references therefore it should not be taken seriously. People are more concerned with dealing with the allergies after they have been caused that trying to prevent them. (Itís more profitable, too.)

But what I found is a drop in the bucket compared to what Dr. Moulden found. He has absolute positive proof that vaccines cause ministrokes in children and other brain damage. He has videos showing this. In the one video is a large audience of parents of autistic children. It looked like every single one of them believe that vaccines caused the autism in their children. They have videos of their children before and after the vaccinations.

Here is a doctor with lots of credentials, absolute proof - and he canít get the word out.

The brainwashed public is lining up for flu shots like sheep.

I never understood Nazi Germany until 9/11. After that I understood how a country filled with intelligent people could be brainwashed to follow Hitler. I saw the Patriot Act being made law by politicians who didnít read it before they passed it. I saw anyone questioning the airplanes as being the cause of the buildings falling were told they were unAmerican. There was no debate or investigation into how those buildings fell, after all, everyone saw it happen on TV. Well, I saw the statue of Liberty disappear on TV, too. The buildings were IMPLODED with explosives. Jet fuel does not get hot enough to melt the steel. (Otherwise the blacksmiths would have been using bunsen burners to melt metal). The buildings did not both magically fall down perfectly. It was not an amazing coincidence that the owner of the buildings just happened to have terrorism insurance on the buildings.

But the LIES continue. The flu lies continue. Take the flu shot to prevent this serious disease. So many people die from flu every year. Never mind that we combined the statistics for flu and pneumonia which are unrelated illnesses. We had to, says the CDC because our job is to promote flu shots. (And I thought it was to protect the publicÖ)


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