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my long 'rant''s 90% positive.

Date:   5/7/2009 1:44:41 AM ( 13 y ago)

I spent the day outside in the garden. I military pressed fifty pounds on a barbell for ten reps. It felt great. I also did a quickie workout in between plantings on my total gym. Glad I did because I didn't feel like driving a mile and a half to the gym in the evening. I try to ride my bicycle to any destination within a two mile radius.

Thankfully I made the initial investment in my garden. I think summer is going to be a little lean (again) and I'll be doing a lot of freezing and canning of the harvest. Plus there are lots of local foks who keep chickens. If I could only have a dairy goat, my reasons for shopping at Walmart would be completely eliminated. My most favorite after workout 'meal' is a green smoothie with greens and dandelion picked from my backyard. These days I've not been snacking much and it shows. I've scorned the devil candy from the little old ladies this last weekend and new week. My weigh and measurement week at the end of May is going to be real interesting especially if I up my intake of wholesome rawfoods and make processed concentrated calorie foods pretty much disappear.

Just seeing where all this is going. I'm trying to take control or rather be a good stewardess of the body that God gave me. After all, are we ever really in control of our bodies??? My mother is the nicest person in the world who dedicated her life to helping old people stay in their homes by being a home health aide. Why did she get one of the rarest cancers on the planet without health insurance. So instead of falling off the deep end and looking to the government to solve my problems, I'm placing my faith in the Lord. After all the Bible says that medicine comes from the earth.

So in a long winded word...yes I'm getting back towards high rawfoodie crazy living. My husband is so wonderful. He's building geodesic domes for the garden and A RUSSIAN SAUNA HUT!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! FInally something to do in the wintertime in this fleaspeck town hehehehehehe.


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