Fast- DAY 4 by l1724 .....

Fast- Juice/Water DAY 4

Date:   3/19/2009 10:02:17 PM ( 14 y ago)

Weight- 139.2
I'm finally back in the 130's. It's been a few months since I've been here and I'm getting even more strength to continue as the numbers decrease. That's the key to it IF you're doing this primarily for weight loss; just ask yourself when you feel weak "how will I feel after I eat this" or "just think how much weight I might be down when I weigh in the morning". Besides that, take it from experience, when you quit a fast before you're really ready, like spur of the moment, you'll feel so defeated and weak- especially if you're pretty far into it. Those 1 or 2 day fasts I've quit a hundred times because I had only that short time invested in it. When I've gone through the agony and pain of a long fast and quit abruptly, I'm ALWAYS sorry. Three weeks ago I went 9 1/2 days and quit at the "suggestion" of several people at a family gathering and I've been sorry since then.
Pretty easy day- temptations of a mexican restaurant but I can handle it- and so can you! Good luck tonight and during the day tomorrow.


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