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Making the Choice

Date:   1/24/2009 10:09:53 PM ( 13 y ago)

In meditation, it is said that one should 'empty one's mind'.
But, what does one 'empty' or 'pour out' from the mind?
Thought? Images? Patterns? Ideas? Problems? How?

The practice asks one to simply sit in a comfortable position, slowly and calmly soften the breath, the gaze, and be still.

What we empty in this practice is emotion. One sits in calm serenity, mindful of nothing, or at the very least, mindful of breath, be it the sensation of air through the nostrils or the gentle expansion and contraction of the belly.

When one has reached a state of 'empty-of-emotions',
it suddenly becomes apparent that in this state of calm we have an almost unlimited access to a wide variety of emotions.
The key to unlocking each emotion lay in the memory. It is simply a matter of conjuring up a past event in your imagination, one that made you happy. Soon enough, you will feel happiness.

So it works for all of our emotions.

Ultimately, we empty our self.

And we awaken at Home, finally.


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