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Date:   1/24/2009 4:36:36 PM ( 14 y ago)

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Food Allergies by Lee H. Freude, M.D., and Jeanne Rejaunier, Penguin Group, 2003
pg 4-5 - ...the prevalence of food allergies is growing, and in all probability will continue to grow, along with all other allergic diseases. Research indicates that the number of people with allergies is increasing in the West, but not in nonindustrialized [read as un-vaccinated - bfg] countries.
pg 5 - ...for an allergic reaction to occur, you must first become sensitized to an offending food allergen or protein. One or more encounters with the allergen are required before sensitization develops."
pg 7 - ."Research also has shown that repeated exposure to allergens can begin sensitizing the susceptible person, and that repeated exposure to the same foods, particularly in large quantities, can trigger allergic reactions, as seen in the high prevalence of fish allergies among Scandinavians, and rice and soy allergies among the Japanese." [Haven't a clue what research this is. The Israeli eat lots of peanuts and don't have a problem with peanut allergy. (Of course, that is because their vaccines probably use soy oil and sesame seed oil...). The Scandinavians are not the only people in Westernized countries who eat lots of fish. Perhaps their allergy is due to the fish oil in their vaccines. The Japanese most probably use rice and soy oil in their vaccines. And above you say that the nonindustrialized countries don't have the allergy problem. Are we to assume that they don't eat? - bfg]
pg 7 - "It has been suggested that exposure to these foods in early infancy is a big factor in developing allergies."  [ There ya go! Absolutely right. Exposure by being injected with the food protein! Cause you know that the 3-month old did not eat shrimp or peanut butter or sesame seeds or fish...- bfg]
pg 8 - "A baby can be born allergic, or a heretofore unafflicted adult can develop an allergy out of the blue." [Let's see... we give the baby it's first vaccination between 0 and 2 months. Yes, that would seem like the baby was born with an allergy. Adults get flu shots, tetanus shots and there is also a recommended booster shot schedule now.... that would definitely seem like the adult developed an allergy out of the blue. Like a shellfish allergy after being vaccinated several months before with a vaccine with fish/shellfish oil in the adjuvant. This guy disagrees with the "dummy" author. He says you can develop an allergy with first exposure? - bfg]


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