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Date:   11/18/2008 5:54:01 PM ( 14 y ago)

Today I walked into the park and sat on a bench by a little pond. I drummed for the ducks, crows, gulls and passerby gathered.
A group of about seven asian tourists took pictures of the little pond and the birds and danced to my rhythm, smiling. A young, hip girl grinned behind me as she practiced with her fire-dance balls, swinging them smoothly, describing the cosmic
ballet we are all part of, whether we know it or not.
A young couple were also behind me. They said they had heard the drumming from across the park and came closer to enjoy it more. They chatted with me when I paused to say hello and offered me a sample of the hashish joint they were smoking, but I told them being there was enough for me, thanks.
The drum took me away on it's own.

A pacemaker for a peacemaker.

I have my legs back.

lover of life


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