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An amazing coincidence?

Date:   12/15/2007 1:36:51 AM ( 15 y ago)

The Cat Experiment update.

Its been about three months since I had the great big turn around and started healing at last. I continue to heal slowly but surely. I have put on 10kg in that time which is just what I wanted and needed. I could do with another 10kg.

I got the rest on my amalgams removed and I am now detoxing the mercury from my body on the Andy Cutler chelation protocol. I have had to take even lower doses of DMSA, just 6mg, taken every 3 hours even waking at night for 3 days, then breaking for 4 days. I seem to have a high mercury body burden, so I will be chelating weekly for minimum 1 year.

I am just taking a little break from that mercury detox protocol now and have just started a 1 month parasite cleanse, a 1 month bowel cleanse and started drinking Essiac tea which is some heavy duty detox tea. Doing these three things at the same time is fairly heavy duty, so messing round with the mercury as well is off the cards for my own safety and sanity.

Anyway….The Cat Experiment update……….

If you remember The Cat experiment was a major turning point in my life. It was the point where I had finally done enough to reduce my toxic load and start healing.

The update is that my wife is pregnant and is expecting our second. Hooray! Great news. Happy dayz! Happy happy dayz indeed!

But what has that got to do with the Cat experiment I hear you ask?

Well……we have been trying for 4 years for another kid, without success, a couple of mishaps along the way too.

Let me give you the timings for The Cat Experiment, my health turnaround, and my wife getting pregnant……………………

On the first week of the Cat experiment nothing happened.
On the second week of the Cat experiment my turnaround happened and I started healing.
On the third week of the Cat experiment my Wife finally succeeded in getting pregnant after 4 years of trying.


Crazy eh?

Obviously we will never know for sure if the cat experiement helped or not……but……I think that is a pretty amazing coincidence!

Anyway……I have a good feeling 2008 is gonna be a great year…..

Happy dayz!



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