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1st of November 2007 I completed everything on the curezone curing protocol. Happy Dayz

Date:   11/3/2007 2:53:33 AM ( 15 y ago)

1st of November 2007, now that is a day for me to remember.

On this day I completed everything on the curezone curing protocol.

Everything! Impressive eh? I am very happy. It has been a long hard slog.

I had my last amalgam filling out on the 1st November. I am now amalgam free!
Happy happy dayz!

I am a much healthier man than I was.

1) I completely revamped my diet. I used to think I had a healthy diet, but the plain fact was I didn’t know anything about a healthy diet. Bugger all! Educated myself massively, really got down to the nitty-gritty and really learned whats what. Must have read 10 food books and another 10 health cook books.

2) 9 liver flushes this year. Not clear of stones by a long way, but I discovered many new things about myself this year, and before I do more liver flushes I have some other things to do.

3) 1 parasite cleanse. Humaworm. This is truly an excellent product. Parasites is a very big part of my problems and Humaworm was brilliant. I will be doing these cleanses as often as is prudent. Need to leave 3 months in-between cleanses. Now I know what certain aches and pains are from!

4) Bowel cleanses. The less said the better really, but my BM’s are regular now. Minimum one per day, but most days its 2 and on good days its three.

5) Kidney cleanse. Did two of these. Andreas Moritz formula. Good to do. really helped.

6) Dental clean up. Ummmm. Expensive. Difficult. Painful. Intense. Scary. But 100pct essential. I have learned so much about this.
This year i have had 8 amalgams replaced and one metal maryland bridge replaced with a non-metal bridge.

This is my root cause.

The reason nothing is working correctly.

The reason my liver is clogged.

The reason my digestion was so bad.

The reason my kidney was clogged.

The reason for my muscle weakness and the reason for my really bad & painful chronic back pain.

Everything comes back to this. This is the reason for the slow slow healing. My body is so full of this nasty nasty poison that healing is very difficult.

Amalgams. Mercury poisoned.

I have all the symptoms. I tick all the boxes. My hair test results have great big flash signs that say “MERCURY TOXIC”

When you learn about Mercury Illness it is very scary. It is very serious. It causes so many problems and is so difficult to get a diagnosis from today’s mainstream medicine.

I consider myself to be very very lucky to have discovered I am mercury toxic. So many people will just struggle on through life, with gradually declining health, doomed never to get better. Most people have amalgam fillings and so few people know that these fillings are 50pct mercury and that it is constantly leaking and screwing them up, gradually filling up their organs with this toxic slag.

Curing and recovery is tricky, slow, long and laborious, but I have the rest of my life ahead of me. Minimum 1 year, but probably 2 years. I am only 38 years old. As long as I keep educating myself it will happen.

I will be following the Curing protocol from Andy Cutler. His book “Amalgam Illness” is a fantastic book. If anyone reads it, I tick all the boxes! Chelation starts next Friday.

Thanks to Curezone. I have learned so so much from this site. This site has been my base. My rock. It is a bit of a mad house sometimes, especially the really active forums, but I love it. Sites like this are changing the world and it wonderful to be a tiny part of it all. I have tried and learned so many things. Oil pulling, dry skin brushing, detox baths, growing my own food, ACV, coconut oil….the list is endless.

I continue to heal……..



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