Phase II of Cat experiment by sunshine p .....

Cats fed a diet of raw meat are not allergic to humans! I continue to heal.

Date:   11/1/2007 1:37:28 PM ( 15 y ago)

Update on the Cat experiment:

Phase II:

Other unsuspecting victims have now been drawn into my murky experiment now.
I have some friends staying over at my place for 2-4 weeks. One of them is allergic to cats. Rashes, sneezing, itchy…the usual reaction people with cat allergies get when they come in contact with cats or live in a house with cats.

Unfortunately no choice remains and they only have us to stay with, otherwise they will be back on the street. Well not really the street, but they are cool friends and its pretty convenient for them and we have the space, so they will be staying.
But one of them, Gill, is allergic to cats. No doubt about it, allergic to cats.

It will be very interested to see what happens to her. What normally happens is sneezing, itchy, rashes, swelling up kinda of things…..

So it’s gonna be pretty difficult for me to “fake” the results. She will either be fine, or she will get the usual allergic symptoms.

Will my ultra-health cats, currently fed on the raw meat diet, cause allergic reactions to someone else? Or will my cats cause no allergic reaction?

Exciting eh?

I continue to heal. my food intolerances and chemical intolerances remains 60-70pct better than before the cats changed diet. I am able to eat a much more normal diet now. wheat is fine, soya is fine, nightshades fine and i have no return to those god awful symptoms which i constantly had no matter how careful i was.

Much happyier dayz!

Fast forward 10 days………………(I have been on holiday)….…to today.

Cat experiment update: phase II

If u remember, the plot thickened with the arrival of my unsuspecting house guests staying for a couple of weeks, “if yo not out by Christmas you will be thrown out!”, one of which is allergic to cats. She gets all the usual cat allergies, swelling, sneezing, itchy, usually within 30 minutes of being in a catty house. Her little daughter, age 3 has no cat problems, she loves cats and plays with the cats all the time, so its pretty hard for Mum to avoid the cats. She has had to feed them too, whilst I was on holiday.

I’m back from holidays and…………….she is fine with the cats. No allergic reaction to the cats. Nothing. No swelling. No itching. No sneezing. She was not really looking forward to staying because of the cats and is pretty relieved nothing bad has happened.

I declare myself a HERO!

Isn’t its strange world? Cats fed a diet of raw meat are not allergic to humans! You would have thought someone would have stumbled onto this before little old me?

If anyone knows anything about this connection between cats/humans & allergic stuff let me know, because I am working in the dark here, and I’d love to find out more. What/why/when kinda thing.



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