I feel like Charlie and the chocolate factory;-) by sunshine p .....

I am slowely re-introducing food that i have be intolerant too, almost like magic, i can now eat these without problems.

Date:   10/4/2007 12:10:00 PM ( 15 y ago)

I am still over the moon with joy. I think removing this toxin from my life has at last enabled me to start healing. I was well below my toxic limit and this, together with all the other health regaining activities I have been pursuing this year, has finally flipped me to into positive territory.

I have just eaten two lines are Dark Chocolate (dairy free or course!). This is the first chocolate anything I have had in 2 years…..i felt like Charlie and the chocolate factory when he gets his 1 bar per year on his birthday! Man, oh man it taste wonderful…and no flare up of symptoms, phew! I deserve a treat after all this time of no treats.

Also ate a couple of apples, and some Butter on rye bread, and some tomatoes. They all tasted so so good.

I am just re-introducing things as slow as I can, just in case I get any symptoms returning, so I know what does what.

I continue to eat 2-3 time my normal quantity of grub and I continue to gain weight. I am getting mild stomach aches because I am over eating at every meal.

Tomorrow is three weeks since cats went raw meat.


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